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Statin side effects are the strongest predictor of failure to meet low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol targets, according to research published today in the European Journal of Preventive ...

Date : 15/02/2017

[...]it’s high accuracy and versatility means that PET has been employed in a large number of research projects, and the last 10 years have seen a steady increase in its clinical use across ...

Date : 10/12/2016

Experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will present a special programme.1 “Our findings are worrying, given that adults who were obese in childhood and adolescence are the most ...

Date : 23/09/2016

Having a non-O blood group is associated with a higher risk of heart attack, according to research presented today at Heart Failure 2017 and the 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure.1 Lead ...

Date : 30/04/2017

In the phase IIB study, serelaxin was safe and well tolerated, with positive clinical outcome symptoms and signals in patients with acute heart failure. There was, however, an improvement in ...

Date : 28/04/2017

Heart failure patients fitted with biventricular defibrillators (CRT-D) fared no better with remote monitoring (RM) of their condition compared to those whose devices were monitored during in-clinic ...

Date : 28/08/2016

The new oral anticoagulants provide the same stroke prevention as warfarin but cause less intracranial bleeding, reports an observational study in more than 43 000 patients presented at ESC Congress ...

Date : 27/08/2016

The largest stent trial ever has found no significant differences in death from any cause or non-fatal MI in patients receiving drug-eluting stents (DES) and bare-metal stents (BMS). Both ...

Date : 31/08/2016

Another very important paper that was published in 2016 was on the imaging assessment of prosthetic heart valves, and how to follow these valves after implantation using all imaging modalities. 2 It ...

Date : 09/12/2016

Cardiology is becoming interdisciplinary, bringing different fields together, and a heart failure doctor in any department of cardiology plays a key role in connecting all of the other ...

Date : 01/05/2017