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[2] in a focused issue of this Journal titled Animal Models and Human Cardiovascular Disease (see Ref. [2] pointed out that despite the fact that interest in the cardiac electrophysiology and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Historical note, Tobias Opthof, Ruben Coronel

Date : 01/01/2000

KEYWORDSPulmonary veinsComputed tomographyAtrial fibrillation A 66-year-old man with a history of hypertension and prior percutaneous revascularization for angina pectoris was referred for ablation ...

Europace, ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, Raffaella Marazzi, Roberto De Ponti, Domenico Lumia, Carlo Fugazzola, Jorge A. Salerno-Uriarte

Date : 01/02/2007

In order to explore its wider efficacy in patients with manifest heart failure, a preliminary study was performed in patients with chronic stable angina pectoris accompanied by abnormal left ...

European Heart Journal, Raftery, E. B.

Date : 01/07/1995 Item size : 90696 bytes

The effects of combining diltiazem, a calcium channel blocking agent, with beta adrenergic blockade were evaluated in 11 patients with obstructive coronary artery disease. Following the ...

European Heart Journal, KENNY, J., DALY, K., BERGMAN, G., KERKEZ, S., JEWITT, D. E.

Date : 01/05/1985

A double-blind multiple crossover trial evaluating a transdermal nitroglycerin system vs placebo Fifty-six patients with angina pectoris on effort participated in a 28-day study comparing a ...

European Heart Journal, DICKSTEIN, K., KNUTSEN, H.

Date : 01/01/1985 Item size : 91051 bytes

Time course of long-term placebo therapy effects in angina pectoris A cohort of thirty-five patients with angina pectoris were followed-up for six months with placebo as the only anti-anginal ...

European Heart Journal, BOISSEL, J. P., PHILIPPON, A. M., GAUTHIER, E., SCHBATH, J., DESTORS, J. M.

Date : 01/12/1986 Item size : 93423 bytes

The total number of treated acute anginal attacks was 31% less during the buccal compared to the sublingual nitroglycerin period (P<0.001) despite a reported physical activity level which was ...

European Heart Journal, RYDÉN, L., SCHAFFRATH, R.

Date : 01/09/1987 Item size : 105269 bytes

Angina pectoris is one of the most frequent presentations of coronary heart disease. Does the clinical profile of the patients with exercise-induced ischaemic cardiac pain predict the symptomatic ...

European Heart Journal, Taylor, S. H.

Date : 01/12/1985

Treatment and Controversies in Angina Pectoris: Economics of Prevention and Treatment Expansion of treatment to low-risk groups may lead to only marginal benefit and lead to less emphasis on ...

European Heart Journal, Hjort, P. F., Waaler, H. TH., Helgeland, A.

Date : 01/12/1985

In a series of 300 patients following transmural infarction undergoing coronary angiography because of ischaemia in the surviving myocardium, 17 demonstrated an exercise response indicative of ...

European Heart Journal, Reinke, A., Michel, D., Mathes, P.

Date : 01/10/1987