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Comparison of T2-weighted edema imaging with the endocardial surface area assessed by MRI and validation against angiographic scoring Georg FUERNAU (Leipzig, DE) 08:30 P5644 Soluble urokinase ...

Poster session 7: STEMI: pathophysiology, diagnosis and risk factors

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14:00 P4856(W) Impact of thrombus burden in ST-Elevation myocardial infarction patients treated with or without thrombus aspiration To Be Announced 14:00 P4857 Treatment of multivessel coronary ...

Poster session 6: Stemi: management and outcome

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Michal HAWRANEK (Zabrze, PL) 08:30 P4271 Clinical, procedural, cardiometabolic and laboratory correlates of platelet reactivity to clopidogrel and aspirin on multiplate analyser in patients with ...

Poster session 5: Long-term outcome after drug eluting stenting

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Jae Gyung KIM (Seoul, KR) 14:00 P2661 Association of peripheral-blood transcriptome with prognostic markers of myocardial damage assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance after reperfused ...

Poster session 3: Acute coronary syndromes: comorbidities and outcomes

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The CRAGS (Coronary aRtery diseAse in younG adultS) study Anna Karoliina LAUTAMAKI (Turku, FI) 14:00 P2615 The efficacy of second-generation drug-eluting stent for the treatment of left main and/or ...

Poster session 3: Scores, complex revascularization

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Assessed from computed tomography coronary angiography Motoharu ARAKI (Yokohama, JP) 14:00 P2632 Influence of stent length on long-term clinical outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention for ...

Poster session 3: Chronic total occlusions and bifurcations - PCI

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14:00 P2587 Stent underexpansion is not predictor of stent thrombosis after intravascular ultrasound-guided stent implantation using either bare metal stent or 1st and 2nd generation drug-eluting ...

Poster session 3: Imaging, PCI technique and new devices

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08:30 P5420 Long-term clinical outcome after coronary revascularization in hemodialysis patients Daisuke KAMOI (Nagoya, JP) 08:30 P5421 Cabg clinical syntax score and euroscore as predictors of long ...

Poster session 6: Early and long-term outcome of PCI

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A five years post-hoc sub-analysis of ORAR 3 trial Alfredo Matias RODRIGUEZ-GRANILLO (Buenos Aires, AR) 08:30 P5471 Factors influencing clinical decision making for cessation of dual antiplatelet ...

Poster session 6: PCI long-term outcome

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14:00 P2475 Predictors of mortality in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation: role of chronic kidney disease Freddy DEL CARPIO (Onalaska, US) 14:00 P2476 Mortality in valvular and non-valvular ...

Poster session 3: Clinical outcomes in atrial fibrillation II

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