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14:30 P492 Can cardiovascular risk factors be predictors of reperfusion strategy? P Sousa (Lisboa, PT) 14:30 P493 Sudden coronary death in average russian population A Boytsov (Moscow, RU) 14:30 P494 ...

Poster session 4

Date : 16/04/2011 Item size : 726462 bytes

08:30 P198 Needs of older patients and their spouses after a cardiovascular procedure L Carroll (Boston, US) 08:30 P199 Heart failure and comorbid diabetes mellitus or chronic obstructive pulmonary ...

Poster session 2: Psycho-social

Date : 02/04/2011 Item size : 85039 bytes

14:00 P3445 Beneficial effects of habitual physical activity on vascular function: ikaria study Evangelos OIKONOMOU (Athens, GR) 14:00 P3446 Expressions of the longevity-associated protein, SIRT1, ...

Poster session 4: Endothelial dysfunction: therapeutic approaches

Date : 27/08/2012 Item size : 124120 bytes

Maria LUACES MENDEZ (Madrid, ES) 08:30 P5473 The effects of BMI corrected for cardiac risk factors on total mortality and length of hospital stay in a surgical population Wael GALAL (Rotterdam, NL) ...

Poster session 7: Overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome

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