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E-mail: Global risk scores use individual level information on non-modifiable risk factors (such as age, sex, ethnicity and family history) and modifiable risk factors (such ...

Date : 08/07/2016

08:30 P4118 Visceral adipose amount as epicardial fat measure rather than body fat composition contributes to insulin resistance, metabolic derangement and systemic inflammation: study validated by ...

Poster session 5: How and where to reduce body fat - run or cut?

Date : 30/08/2011 Item size : 160943 bytes

14:00 P4748 Incremental value of using NT pro-BNP and cystatin C as predictors of adverse events in low and intermediate risk patients presenting to Emergency Department with chest pain Shiny ...

Poster session 6: Cardiovascular risk; markers and techniques

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Download the Issue @ a Glance podcast Subscribe to the EHJ Podcast The evaluation of patients presenting to the emergency department with suspected acute coronary syndrome remains a clinical ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

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Background Identification of high-risk atherosclerotic plaques offers opportunities for risk stratification and targeted intensive treatment of patients with coronary artery disease. Virtual ...

Heart, Young research workers' prize, P A Calvert, D R Obaid, N E J West, L M Shapiro, D McNab, C G Densem, P M Schofield, D Braganza, S C Clarke, M O'Sullivan, K K Ray, M R Bennett

Date : 01/06/2011

The main problem is related to the long-time delay between the start of the development of atherosclerosis in young adults and the manifestation many decades later.2,3 Despite a recent decline in a ...

European Heart Journal, Erbel, Raimund, Budoff, Matthew

Date : 01/05/2012

Initially cloned from an activated macrophage cell line, GDF-15 has been proposed as a cell death promoter in several tumour cell lines, highlighting its potential role as an inductor of apoptosis in ...

European Heart Journal, Taddei, Stefano, Virdis, Agostino

Date : 01/05/2010

Analysis of N-terminal-pro-brain natriuretic peptide and C-reactive protein for risk stratification in stable and unstable coronary artery disease: results from the AtheroGene study Aims ...

European Heart Journal, Schnabel, Renate, Rupprecht, Hans J., Lackner, Karl J., Lubos, Edith, Bickel, Christoph, Meyer, Jürgen, Münzel, Thomas, Cambien, François, Tiret, Laurence, ...

Date : 01/02/2005 Item size : 219198 bytes

For non-cardiac surgery, there are also several validated scores available such as that of Goldman et al.8 or the revised cardiac index of Lee et al.9 which has received a class IA recommendation in ...

European Heart Journal, Karakas, Mahir, Koenig, Wolfgang

Date : 14/03/2013 Item size : 147002 bytes

Abstract Aims We investigated the role of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) for clinical outcome of patients with unstable angina. There was a significant reduction of ADMA levels at 6 weeks after ...

European Heart Journal, Krempl, Tanja K., Maas, Renke, Sydow, Karsten, Meinertz, Thomas, Böger, Rainer H., Kähler, Jan

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