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EuroIntervention Stroke within 30 days predicts all-cause mortality after percutaneous aortic valve implantation: long-term results from the corevalve 18F safety and efficacy study Heart Center, ...

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EuroIntervention The impact of coronary artery disease on clinical outcomes in patients undergoing TAVI Pilgrim T., Windecker S., Stortecky S., Huber C., Erdös G., Kadner A., Meuli F., ...

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Data was collected using National Health Service medical records. Survival data was obtained using National Health Service electronic medical records.A total of 825 patients were analysed. Patients ...

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Rathod K.S., Jones D.A., Guttmann O., Akthar M., Graham A., Sammut E., May S., Behar J., Jain A., Mathur A., Knight C., Wragg A. Aims: The role of the white cell count as a preprocedural ...

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There was less contrast agent used (121±50 ml vs 139±55 ml, p=0.046), less fluoroscopy time (21±8min vs 26±11 min, p=0.003), and a decreased dose-area product ...

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Methods and results: A total of 150 patients (mean age 81±6 years) undergoing TAVI were included in the study. The cut-off value of 4 g/dl (40 g/L) was based on the mean value of albumin in the ...

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EuroIntervention A meta-analysis of the impact of pre-existing and new-onset atrial fibrillation on clinical outcomes in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation Hypertension ...

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EuroIntervention Clinical outcomes of “complete, partially complete, and incomplete” revascularisation at five-year follow-up after percutaneous intervention of unprotected left main ...

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