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EuroIntervention Predictors of all-cause mortality during follow-up after non-emergent CABG surgery or PCI due to left main coronary artery disease Moura-ferreira S., Silva M., Dias T., Guerreiro ...

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EuroIntervention The impact of coronary artery disease on survival after TAVI Sinning J., Shamekhi J., Stundl A., Weber M., Sedaghat A., Pingel S., Hammerstingl C., Welz A., Mellert F., Grube E., ...

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Toma A., Stähli B., Gick M., Neumann F., Buettner J. AIMS We investigate long-term outcomes in patients with previous coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) undergoing percutaneous coronary ...

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Fam J., Van Der Sijde J., Karanosos A., Van Mieghem N., Onuma Y., Felix C., De Paolis M., Regar E., Valgimigli M., Daemen J., De Jaegere P., Rapoza R., Zijlstra F., Van Geuns R., Diletti R. AIMS We ...

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Included patients were divided into 4 groups (low NLR-low CRP, low NLR-high CRP, high NLR-low CRP, and high NLR-high CRP) according to the optimal cut-off values for NLR (3.5) and CRP (0.68) ...

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Andriantoro H., Sunu I., Dharma S., Dakota I., Sukmawan R., Siswanto B., Rahajoe A., Rao S. AIMS We evaluated whether there are disparities in the use of evidence-based therapies for reperfusion ...

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EuroIntervention Gender difference of five-year clinical outcomes following coronary artery bypass surgery vs. Sotomi Y., Cavalcante R., Ahn J., Lee C., Winter R., Wykrzykowska J., Onuma Y., Park ...

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Moon D., Chung W., Park H., Yoo K. AIMS We examined the 5-year clinical outcomes of known diabetes mellitus, newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus and prediabetes among acute myocardial infarction ...

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EuroIntervention Clinical outcomes after PCI for acute coronary syndrome in unprotected left main coronary artery disease: insights from the Swiss Acute Left Main Coronary Vessel Percutaneous ...

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EuroIntervention Long-term outcome after statin treatment in routine clinical practice: results from a prospective PCI cohort study Jannet A. Eindhoven, Msc; Yoshinobu Onuma, MD; Rohit M. ...

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