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EuroIntervention Long-term outcome after statin treatment in routine clinical practice: results from a prospective PCI cohort study Jannet A. Eindhoven, Msc; Yoshinobu Onuma, MD; Rohit M. ...

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Neville Kukreja, MA, MRCP; Yoshinobu Onuma, MD; Hector Garcia-Garcia, MSc, MD; Josephine van Nierop; Joost Daemen, MD; Ron van Domburg, MD, PhD; Patrick W. Serruys, MD, PhD* on behalf of the ...

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EuroIntervention Late outcome after intracoronary beta radiation brachytherapy: a matched-propensity controlled ten-year follow-up study Jin M. Cheng, MSc; Yoshinobu Onuma, MD; Jannet Eindhoven, ...

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