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Serial 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/CT angiography in transcatheter-implanted aortic valve endocarditis Blood cultures were positive for Staphylococcus aureus, and ...

European Heart Journal, Swart, Laurens E., Scholtens, Asbjørn M., Liesting, Crista, van Mieghem, Nicolas M.D.A., Krestin, Gabriel P., Roos-Hesselink, Jolien W., Budde, Ricardo P.J.

Date : 14/10/2016 Item size : 117670 bytes

Anterior periprosthetic regurgitation (pAR) was noted by colour-Doppler in parasternal short axis (Panel A, arrow; Supplementary material online, Video S1) and apical long axis (Panel B, arrow; ...

European Heart Journal, Le, Rachel J., Nishimura, Rick A., Mankad, Rekha, Enriquez-Sarano, Maurice, Michelena, Hector I.

Date : 01/06/2015 Item size : 92610 bytes

First-in-man transapical mitral valve replacement using the Direct Flow Medical® aortic valve prosthesis Echocardiography revealed severe mitral valve (MV) stenosis with an MV area of 0.6 cm2 ...

European Heart Journal, Mellert, Fritz, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Werner, Nikos, Welz, Armin, Grube, Eberhard, Nickenig, Georg, Hammerstingl, Christoph

Date : 14/08/2015 Item size : 98507 bytes

Early stentframe thrombosis complicating transcatheter valve in transcatheter valve implantation A 62-year-old woman underwent transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) for severe low-flow ...

European Heart Journal, van Gils, Lennart, Budde, Ricardo P. J., De Jaegere, Peter P., Van Mieghem, Nicolas M.

Date : 09/03/2017 Item size : 91755 bytes

On the first day of live, a female newborn with a three out of six systolic murmur on the right sternal border showed signs of heart failure: dyspnoea, tachypnoe, low blood pressure. The aortic ...

European Heart Journal, Schreiber, Christian, Hörer, Jürgen, Kühn, Andreas, Vogt, Manfred

Date : 01/09/2009

Open heart surgery was denied due to a floating thrombus in the aortic arch near the origin of the left common carotid artery, considered as a source of two left-sided ischaemic strokes 3 months ...

European Heart Journal, Ghanem, Alexander, Grube, Eberhard, Müller, Andreas, Nickenig, Georg, Sinning, Jan-Malte

Date : 01/11/2012

Methods and results All patients aged 5069 years who had undergone AVR in Sweden 19972013 were identified from the Swedish Web-system for Enhancement and Development of Evidence-based care in Heart ...

European Heart Journal, Glaser, Natalie, Jackson, Veronica, Holzmann, Martin J., Franco-Cereceda, Anders, Sartipy, Ulrik

Date : 07/09/2016

Here, 500 years after Leonardo's original observation, we use time-resolved magnetic resonance techniques to map aortic root blood flow using encoded three-dimensional vector fields in a human ...

European Heart Journal, Bissell, Malenka M., Dall'Armellina, Erica, Choudhury, Robin P.

Date : 21/05/2014 Item size : 90100 bytes

The basal half received mitral inflow and ejected to the aorta; the apical half had no inlet or outlet, but nevertheless contained liquid blood. Post-operative echocardiography and CMR showed no LV ...

European Heart Journal, Kaski, Juan Pablo, Kilner, Philip J., El-Saiedi, Sonia, van Doorn, Carin, Yacoub, Magdi, Magee, Alan

Date : 01/11/2010

Introduction Aortic valve sclerosis (AVSc) is a hallmark of several cardiovascular conditions, including chronic heart failure, myocardial infarction and, most prevalently, severe calcific aortic ...

Cardiovascular Research, Poggio, Paolo, Sainger, Rachana, Branchetti, Emanuela, Grau, Juan B., Lai, Eric K., Gorman, Robert C., Sacks, Michael S., Parolari, Alessandro, Bavaria, Joseph E., Ferrari, ...

Date : 01/06/2013