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14:00 P4942 Implications of aortic valve calcification for paravalvular aortic regurgitation post-transcatheter aortic valve implantation See Hooi EWE (Singapore, SG) 14:00 P4943 Transfemoral aortic ...

Poster session 6: Transcatheter aortic valve implantation - Imaging

Date : 30/08/2011 Item size : 174490 bytes

PseudoaneurysmInfective endocarditisEchocardiogram Introduction Pseudoaneurysm of the mitralaortic intervalvular fibrosa is a rare but potentially fatal complication of infective endocarditis.1 ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Electronic Paper, Thaslim Ahamed Kassim, Robert C. Lowery, Ali Nasur, Sanul Corrielus, Gaby Weissman, Pamela Sears-Rogan, Michael Greenberg, Steven ...

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Abstract In the current era of expanding catheter-based and complex repair procedures to treat aortic valve (AV) diseases, growing consideration is being given to understanding the functional anatomy ...

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, REVIEW PAPER, Denisa Muraru, Luigi P. Badano, Mani Vannan, Sabino Iliceto

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The frequency, severity, and cause of aortic regurgitation were assessed by colour Doppler and cross sectional echocardiography in 87 patients (mean SD) age 57 (12) years) with hypertrophic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, T Shiota, T Sakamoto, K Takenaka, K Amano, Y Hada, I Hasegawa, J Suzuki, H Takahashi, T Sugimoto

Date : 01/09/1989

Bax JJ, Delgado V, Bapat V, Baumgartner H, Collet JP, Erbel R, Hamm C, Kappetein AP, Leipsic J, Leon MB, MacCarthy P, Piazza N, Pibarot P, Roberts WC, Rodes-Cabau J, Serruys PW, Thomas M, Vahanian A, ...

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How would I treat? THE INVITED EXPERTS OPINION Jan-Malte Sinning*, MD, PhD; Eberhard Grube, MD, PhD Heart Center Bonn, Department of Medicine II, University Hospital Bonn, Bonn, Germany ...

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Background: A 79-year-old female patient with past medical history of chronic myeloid leukaemia, presented to the outpatient cardiology clinic with shortness of breath (NYHA class 3) and ...

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EuroIntervention How should I treat a left ventricular outflow tract-migrated balloon-expandable transcatheter heart valve? The Department of Cardiac Surgery, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel ...

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Roy D., Sharma R., Laborde J.C., Jahangiri M., Brecker S. Aims: To evaluate the feasibility of using large field aortic valve ultrasound (IVUS) to guide valve sizing in Transcatheter Aortic Valve ...

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Lim Z.Y., Pirone F., Satpal A., Young C., Roxburgh J., Redwood S., Hancock J., Prendergast B., Wilson K., Evans C., Bolter B., Bapat V. Aims: There have been concerns that in patients with small ...

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