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Download PDF Andreea Calin1,2,*, Anca D. Mateescu1,2,*, Monica Rosca1,2, Carmen Beladan1,2, Roxana Enache1,2, Maria Magdalena Gurzun1, Cosmin Calin1,2, Simona Botezatu1,2, Carmen Ginghina1,2, Bogdan ...

Date : 01/02/2017

Article accepted on the 12th January 2012 * As previously published in Heart,2011; 97:2007e2017 Professor Raphael Rosenhek, Department of Cardiology, Vienna General Hospital, Medical University of ...

Date : 28/05/2018 Item size : 113652 bytes

Aortic valve replacement: relationship between aortic stenosis severity and perioperative mortality risk scores | Conclusions: Perioperative mortality risk and death rate seems to be related to AS ...

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