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Ribichini F., Lunardi M., Zivelonghi C., Scarsini R., Ferrero V., Vassanelli C. AIMS Whether coronary angioplasty is needed in patients receiving transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is ...

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Barbanti M., Miccichè E., Cascone I., Buccheri S., Immè S., Pilato G., Tamburino C., Patanè M., Gulino S., Todaro D., Salerno T., Garretto V., Privitera G., Capodanno D., Tamburino C., La Manna A. ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Retrospective analysis of extent and pattern of device landing zone calcification was performed in 386 consecutive patients with sufficient CT-quality. Retrospective assessment ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS In all, 110 patients treated with the Lotus valve for severe symptomatic aortic stenosis were prospectively enrolled and evaluated in terms of different valve size for ...

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Meneguz-moreno R., Ramos A., Jatene T., Castro-filho A., Dias Jeronimo A., Le Bihan D., Siqueira D., Abizaid A., Sousa A., Sousa J. AIMS The objectives of the present study were to analyse the ...

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Seeger J., Gonska B., Rodewald C., Rottbauer W., Wöhrle J. AIMS To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Prostar XL compared to the Perclose Proglide suture-based vascular closure device in ...

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Furthermore, punch experiments (n=5 / device) were conducted in human aortic valves (reconstructed from several calcified human aortic semilunar cusps) and the resected areas were determined ...

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Lämmer J., Voigtländer T., Zierer A., Zickmann B., Schmermund A., Eggebrecht H. AIMS The 2012 Guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology mandate that transcatheter aortic valve implantation ...

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Meneguz-moreno R., Castro-filho A., Jatene T., Jeronimo A., Ramos A., Siqueira D., Barreto R., Abizaid A., Sousa A., Sousa J. AIMS Periprocedural acute kidney injury (AKI) after transcatheter aortic ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of coronary artery disease on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing TAVI: an age- and sex-matched cohort study Franzone A., Stortecky S., Räber L., Heg D., Yamaji K., ...

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