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Comparison of health-related quality of life among patients using novel oral anticoagulants or warfarin for non-valvular atrial fibrillation [Anatol J Cardiol] Kevser Gülcihan Balcý, Mustafa ...

Date : 03/07/2016 Item size : 37006 bytes

14:00 P6273 Polypharmacy and bleeding in atrial fibrillation: a real-world prospective cohort study on patients using vitamin-K antagonists Jeroen JASPERS FOCKS (Nijmegen, NL) 14:00 P6274 Dabigatran ...

Poster session 7: Anticoagulants and atrial fibrillation

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14:00 P6252 Relationship between R2CHADS2 score and prophylactic efficacy during antiarrhythmic drugs therapy in Japanese patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation Reisuke YOSHIZAWA (Morioka, JP) ...

Poster session 7: Stroke and anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation

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14:00 P6228 Optimal international normalized ratio in warfarin therapy in Korean patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation Myung Hwan BAE (Daegu, KR) 14:00 P6229 The FIRST registry: Comparison ...

Poster session 7: Anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation

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Anticoagulants and stroke in atrial fibrillation 2 Sep 14:00 - 18:00 Atrial fibrillation (AF) Poster Session Poster area - Central Village Presentations list Loading... 14:00 P6241 Relationship ...

Poster session 7: Anticoagulants and stroke in atrial fibrillation

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Introduction Despite the same electrophysiological abnormality, the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in atrial fibrillation (AF) ranges from <1%/year to >20%/year and can be assessed by simple ...

European Heart Journal, CURRENT OPINION, Raffaele De Caterina, A. John Camm

Date : 14/12/2014 Item size : 431415 bytes

The 15 topics are (i) practical start-up and follow-up scheme for patients on NOACs; (ii) how to measure the anticoagulant effect of NOACs; (iii) drugdrug interactions and pharmacokinetics of NOACs; ...

Europace, EHRA PRACTICAL GUIDE, Hein Heidbuchel, Peter Verhamme, Marco Alings, Matthias Antz, Hans-Christoph Diener, Werner Hacke, Jonas Oldgren, Peter Sinnaeve, A. John Camm, Paulus Kirchhof

Date : 01/10/2015 Item size : 1118485 bytes

Because NOACs have plasma half-lives of 12 h, the twice-daily dosing regimen is less prone than the once-daily dosing regimen to hazardously high peaks or hazardously low troughs in anticoagulant ...

Europace, Review, Bernard Vrijens, Hein Heidbuchel

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Abstract Aims The recent availability of the novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) may have led to a change in the anticoagulation regimens of patients referred to catheter ablation of atrial ...

Europace, Ablation for atrial fibrillation, Rui Providência, Eloi Marijon, Jean-Paul Albenque, Stéphane Combes, Nicolas Combes, François Jourda, Hassiba Hireche, João Morais, Serge Boveda

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Kamal R Mahtani, David Nunan, Carl Heneghan Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK Correspondence to Dr Kamal R ...

Heart, Editorial, Kamal R Mahtani, David Nunan, Carl Heneghan

Date : 01/11/2015