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Long-term follow-up was conducted by patient visit, telephone interview or structured written questionnaire. The population was characterized by a high percentage of cardiovascular risk factors ...

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Silaschi M., Alcock E., Keshavarzi F., Aldalati O., Rajagopal K., Maccarthy P., Dworakowski R., Wendler O. AIMS Epidural analgesia improves outcomes of transapical TAVI but can cause serious ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Between 2009 and 2014, 500 consecutive patients with atrial fibrillation ineligible or at high risk for oral anticoagulation underwent left atrial appendage closure using ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Anticoagulation strategies are the primary means to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular accidents, and while these strategies result in important reductions in embolic events, they ...

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EuroIntervention Treatment of de novo coronary lesions with a novel second-generation paclitaxel-coated balloon catheter: five-month clinical results Benezet J., Cañadas D., Del Rio A., ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS To investigate the impact of aorto-mitral continuity calcification on incidence of new pacemaker insertion and new atrial fibrillation, we reviewed 524 computed tomography exams ...

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Webb J. AIMS TAVI outcomes in 250 (transfemoral=191, transapical=59) patients are being studied in a SAPIEN 3 valve European investigational trial. 1-year results from transfemoral (intermediate ...

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EuroIntervention LAA thrombus in TAVI: prevalence, clinical impact and the role of cardiac CT Palmer S., Williams P. AIMS We aimed to appraise the role of cardiac CT (CCT) in the diagnosis of left ...

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During a mean follow-up of 768±636 days, there were 2 strokes in 2 pts (1 ischaemic and 1 haemorrhagic), 7 deaths (all non-cardiovascular) and no additional systemic embolic events. [...]the ...

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Angelillis M., De Carlo M., Giannini C., Pieroni A., Chella P., Petronio A. AIMS To evaluate how early recovery in left ventricular ejection fraction in patients undergoing TAVI with baseline reduced ...

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