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Pier WOUDSTRA (Amsterdam, NL) 08:30 P5594 Outcome of coronary revascularisation in insulin treated and non insulin treated diabetic patients Andreas BAUMBACH (Bristol, GB) 08:30 P5595 Drug-eluting ...

Poster session 7: Percutaneous coronary intervention lesion/patient subsets

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Amin A., Teoh C., Mohan R., Ahmad K., Shaiful A., Faizal M., Rosli M. AIMS To report our experience with paclitaxel-drug eluting balloon (DEB) in the treatment of de novo coronary artery ...

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Shugushev Z., Maximkin D., Chepurnoy A., Goloshchapov-aksenov R., Gitelzon E. AIMS To evaluate the long-term results of endovascular treatment of patients with stenosis of the left main coronary ...

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Shugushev Z., Maximkin D., Kolzhetsova Y., Chepurnoy A., Faibushevich A., Baranovich V. AIMS To assess the efficacy of endovascular intervention in patients with diabetes mellitus, operated on using ...

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EuroIntervention 10-year clinical outcomes in patients with unprotected left main coronary artery disease after PCI with a bare metal stent Moriyama N., Tanaka Y., Takada T., Kurata M., Ochiai T., ...

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Pruski M., Blachut A., Kiesz R. AIMS Percutaneous coronary interventions can be safely performed without overnight stay, but still there are limited data on safety of very early discharge (4-5 hours ...

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EuroIntervention Five-year clinical follow-up of unprotected left main bifurcation lesion stenting: one-stent versus two-stent techniques versus double-kissing crush technique Department of ...

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EuroIntervention An intravascular ultrasound comparison of left anterior descending artery/first diagonal branch versus distal left main coronary artery bifurcation lesions The Cardiovascular ...

Date : 18/01/2013 Item size : 35499 bytes

Gérard Finet*, MD PhD; Martine Gilard, MD; Béatrice Perrenot, PhD; Gérard Rioufol, MD PhD; Pascal Motreff, MD; Laurence Gavit, PhD; Rémy Prost, PhD Department of Interventional ...

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