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EuroIntervention Treatment resistant hypertension and renal sympathetic denervation: drug adherence and the consolidation of blood pressure lowering effects Clinical features of 8295 patients with ...

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[...]this review divides them into two categories: common causes and rare causes. [...]screening for secondary causes of hypertension plays an essential part in the care of patients with arterial ...

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University of Athens, First Cardiology Clinic, Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece Out of the overall hypertensive population it is estimated that approximately 10% have treatment resistant ...

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The European Heart Journal launches Ethics Review Board Following recent difficulties the European Heart Journal has taken measures to improve the future of submitted manuscripts Honesty and ...

European Heart Journal

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08:30 P5704 One-point carotid wave intensity in newly diagnosed never treated hypertensive patients Olga VRIZ (San Daniele, Italy) 08:30 P5705 Abnormal aortic and coronary function is associated with ...

Poster session 6: Hypertension haemodynamics

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08:30 P1818 Impact of fixed-dose combination of perindopril/amlodipine on left ventricular myocardial deformation in patients with arterial hypertension Mykhaylo Yuri KOLESNYK (Zaporizhzhja, Ukraine) ...

Poster session 2: Treatments of hypertension

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Background Large scale epidemiological studies have shown that hypertension is two to three times more present in the obese than in lean individuals. [...]blood pressure values and body weight are ...

Date : 18/09/2013

Renal denervation seems to be more successful at reducing blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension when it includes accessory renal arteries, according to research presented at ESC ...

Date : 31/08/2014