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Christian Ukena*, MD; Bodo Cremers, MD; Sebastian Ewen, MD; Michael Böhm, MD; Felix Mahfoud, MD Klinik für Innere Medizin III (Kardiologie, Angiologie und Internistische Intensivmedizin), ...

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HealthTwiSt GmbH, Berlin, Germany Aims: To prove the efficacy and safety of renal sympathetic denervation as a new treatment option for patients suffering from resistant hypertension in a real-world ...

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Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Portugal Aims: To describe the demographic and clinical profile of patients with resistant hypertension submitted to renal denervation in a national registry, as well ...

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Mean age was 62±8 years, 61% were men, 62% were obese (mean body mass index 31±5.0 kg/m2), 78% had diabetes, 44% had vascular disease (any territory), 9% had sleep apnea syndrome and 95% had ...

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