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METHODS AND RESULTS After screening two hundred and twenty cases, 20 patients who presented radial artery spasm were included in this study. Secondary endpoints included treatment success, delta ...

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Tanboga I., Topcu S., Aksakal E., Aksakal E., Serdar S. AIMS In this meta-analysis, we aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of regadenoson compared to adenosine in measuring FFR. [...]6 ...

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Invasive and noninvasive measurements were repeated 6-months post-denervation under the same baseline sedation protocol, again, under directly observed drug therapy. At 6-months follow-up, overall ...

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Perez De Prado A., Regueiro-purriños M., Cuellas-ramón C., Perez-martinez C., Lopez-benito M., Gonzalo-orden J., Estevez-loureiro R., Cortina-rivero A., Viñuela-baragaño D., Rodríguez-altónaga ...

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Modi B., Arri S., Lumley M., Williams R., Ellis H., Briceno N., Patterson T., Clapp B., Marber M., Redwood S., Perera D. AIMS Stenosis severity indices such as Instantaneous Wave Free Ratio (iFR) ...

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Nobre Menezes M., Francisco A., Gonçalves I., Agostinho J., Ricardo I., Lopes A., Correia H., Infante De Oliveira E., Canas Da Silva P., Pinto F. AIMS Despite contradictory scientific results, renal ...

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In all cases, a long metal 8 Fr introducer 80 cm in length and and 8 Fr Judkins right guiding catheter and a 20 ml syringe were used. Through this an 8 Fr Judkins right guiding catheter was advanced ...

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Wojakowski W., Fischell T., Haratani N., Vega F. AIMS The Peregrine System™ Infusion Catheter using alcohol as the neurolytic agent for renal denervation (RDN) has been shown to be safe in ...

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EuroIntervention No change in blood pressure or heart rate is evident after electrical stimulation of renal arteries in a swine model of hypertension Perez De Prado A., Regueiro-purriños M., ...

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Moncalvo C., Puma V., Celano G., Laurenza A., Carosio G., Cioffi P. AIMS To see if a larger number of ablative points is related to a greater effectiveness of the procedure, starting the ablation as ...

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