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Abstract Aims Adaptive cardiac resynchronization therapy (aCRT) is a novel algorithm for CRT pacing that provides automatic ambulatory selection between synchronized left ventricular (LV) or ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Jagmeet P. Singh, William T. Abraham, Eugene S. Chung, Tyson Rogers, Alex Sambelashvili, James A. Coles, David O. Martin

Date : 01/11/2013 Item size : 269788 bytes

Methods and results Patients scheduled for a permanent pacemaker underwent temporary pacing in dual-chamber mode (DDD) and with atrio-ventricular delay optimized. Apical positioning of the RV lead, ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, M. Hafez A. Alhous, Gary R. Small, Andrew Hannah, Graham S. Hillis, Paul Broadhurst

Date : 01/12/2011 Item size : 283991 bytes

[...]LVNC was diagnosed in seven of the eight carriers in our cohort, whereas only two patients were diagnosed with LVNC in the previous studies.5,11 Potential reasons for the low detection rate of ...

Europace, Channelopathies, Seiko Ohno, Masato Omura, Mihoko Kawamura, Hiromi Kimura, Hideki Itoh, Takeru Makiyama, Hiroya Ushinohama, Naomasa Makita, Minoru Horie

Date : 01/11/2014 Item size : 226727 bytes

Current indications for ICD implantation for primary prevention of SCD are based mainly on a haemodynamic parameter, left ventricular dysfunction (LVEF <3040%) both in post- MI and in non-ischaemic ...

Europace, Editorial, Emanuela T. Locati

Date : 01/06/2011 Item size : 215456 bytes

Biventricular pacemakers and pacemakerdefibrillator systems have been shown to improve cardiac function, diminish frequency of heart failure (HF) hospitalizations, enhance quality-of-life (QoL), and ...

Europace, CRT, Cengiz Ermis, David G. Benditt

Date : 01/07/2006 Item size : 162992 bytes

In the Goldberger leads, there was a consistent reduction in the QRS amplitude in lead I. In the Wilson leads, the most prominent change was a reduction in the QRS amplitude and a novel r wave ...

Europace, Electrocardiology and Risk Stratification, Daniel Gräfe, Guido Fitze, Antja Heilmann

Date : 01/02/2011 Item size : 179378 bytes

[...]although occasional episodes of SVT are not usually associated with the development of ventricular dysfunction, the possibility exists that abnormal ventricular activation resulting from ...

Europace, CLINICAL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY, Qijun Shan, Yu Jin, Kejiang Cao

Date : 01/08/2007 Item size : 146565 bytes

An important challenge in selecting a device for standard pacing indication for a given patient is to anticipate the progression of abnormalities of cardiac function and then to choose a device or ...

Europace, Letter to the Editor, Manlio F. Márquez, Antonio De Sisti, Joelci Tonet

Date : 01/04/2014 Item size : 108548 bytes

Abstract Placement of leads into the coronary sinus (CS) is now routinely used for cardiac resynchronization therapy. Case report A 52-year-old man with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) underwent ...

Europace, Case Report, Shoaib Hamid, Aruna Arujuna, Christopher A. Rinaldi

Date : 01/06/2009 Item size : 105395 bytes

In clinical practice, non-invasive assessment of cardiac function is more convenient than invasive techniques, although the latter provide more precise information. [...]Pellissier (15-2) reminds us ...


Date : 01/10/2003 Item size : 99443 bytes