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There is mounting evidence that thrombin acts as a powerful modulator of many processes like regulation of vascular tone, permeability, migration and proliferation of VSMC, recruitment of monocytes ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Julian Ilcheff Borissoff, Henri M.H. Spronk, Sylvia Heeneman, Hugo ten Cate

Date : 01/06/2009 Item size : 584450 bytes

Based on these observations and the biological effects induced by ET-1, including profound vasoconstriction, pro-inflammatory actions, mitogenic and proliferative effects, stimulation of free radical ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Felix Böhm, John Pernow

Date : 01/10/2007 Item size : 470334 bytes

Abstract Objective: Endothelial dysfunction is an early risk factor for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Results: In cultured aortic endothelial cells, iptakalim caused a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Hai Wang, Chaoliang Long, Zhibian Duan, Cuige Shi, Guodong Jia, Yingli Zhang

Date : 01/02/2007 Item size : 203949 bytes

The endothelium modulates vascular tone, regulates local cellular growth and the deposition of the extracellular matrix, protects the vessel from the potentially harmful consequences of substances ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Kwang Kon Koh

Date : 01/09/2002 Item size : 558962 bytes

Activated upon caloric restriction and exercise, they control critical cellular processes in the nucleus, cytoplasm, and mitochondria to maintain metabolic homeostasis, reduce cellular damage and ...

European Heart Journal, Review, Stephan Winnik, Johan Auwerx, David A. Sinclair, Christian M. Matter

Date : 21/12/2015 Item size : 553794 bytes

The current issue of the European Heart Journal focuses on a novel area of research, i.e. the function of microribonucloidacids (miRNAs). miRNAs are short, usually around 22-nucleotide-long ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 01/12/2014

Abstract Aims Recent studies have reported that the calcium-dependent protease calpain is involved in hyperglycaemia-induced endothelial dysfunction and that the Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE) is responsible ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Shuangxi Wang, Qisheng Peng, Junhua Zhang, Liying Liu

Date : 01/11/2008

In one clinical trial, 4444 patients were carefully studied and not only was simvastatin shown to be safe and effective in lowering circulating cholesterol, it also significantly improved survival in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Allan M Lefer, Rosario Scalia, David J Lefer

Date : 01/02/2001

Methods and results In both cultured endothelial cells and blood vessels isolated from rat aorta, berberine concentration dependently enhanced phosphorylation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Yiqun Wang, Yu Huang, Karen S.L. Lam, Yiming Li, Wing Tak Wong, Hongying Ye, Chi-Wai Lau, Paul M. Vanhoutte, Aimin Xu

Date : 01/06/2009

Increased activity of arginase may reduce the availability of l-arginine for NO synthase, thus reducing NO production, increasing formation of reactive oxygen species, and leading ultimately to ...

Cardiovascular Research, TOPICAL REVIEW, John Pernow, Christian Jung

Date : 01/06/2013