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Date : 21/03/2016 Item size : 212014 bytes

Women who had never used oral contraceptives who were recruited to the Royal College of General Practitioners' oral contraception study (original cohort about 23000). Age, social class, and smoking ...

Heart, Research Article, P. Hannaford, S. Ferry, S. Hirsch

Date : 01/02/1997

Catherine M Otto Correspondence to Professor Catherine M Otto, Division of Cardiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA; Many lines of evidence suggest that ...

Heart, Heartbeat, Catherine M Otto

Date : 15/04/2016

Premature menopause, natural or surgical, with reduced lifetime exposure to endogenous estrogens, should result in increased risk of coronary heart disease based on the assumption that estrogen is ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Tomi S Mikkola, Thomas B Clarkson

Date : 15/02/2002 Item size : 599130 bytes

Despite the current lack of redox biomarkers in clinical application, the integral role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease provides a strong incentive for ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 01/07/2015 Item size : 207247 bytes

The Current Opinion paper entitled Surgical and interventional management of mitral valve regurgitation: a position statement from the European Society of Cardiology Working Groups on Cardiovascular ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 07/01/2016

The association between QT interval and cardiac risk factors and mortality in a middle aged Finnish population of 5598 men and 5119 women was evaluated over a 23 year follow up. Nomogram-corrected ...

Heart, Research Article, J. Karjalainen, A. Reunanen, P. Ristola, M. Viitasalo

Date : 01/06/1997

Objective To evaluate the effect of resting heart rate on the risk of all-cause cardiovascular and cancer mortality, taking into consideration haematological variables. Results We found that the ...

European Heart Journal, Kristal-Boneh, E., Silber, H., Harari, G., Froom, P.

Date : 01/01/2000 Item size : 132381 bytes

See page 457 for the editorial comment on this article1 Introduction Two general strategies for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are widely recognised the high-risk approach, in ...

European Heart Journal, Emberson, Jonathan, Whincup, Peter, Morris, Richard, Walker, Mary, Ebrahim, Shah

Date : 01/03/2004

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 70% of all mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes1 and is also a major contributor to diabetes-related healthcare costs.2 Adherence to therapies ...

European Heart Journal, Leal, Jose, Gray, Alastair M., Clarke, Philip M.

Date : 01/04/2009