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The landmark study of Go et al.5 on 1 120 295 US adults showed an independent graded association between estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), cardiovascular events, and death, highlighting ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ORIGINAL ARTICLES, Vasileios F. Panoulas, Samir Sulemane, Klio Konstantinou, Athanasios Bratsas, Sarah J. Elliott, David Dawson, Andrew H. Frankel, ...

Date : 01/05/2015 Item size : 337710 bytes

[...]we found that larger mean liver attenuation values were associated with smaller volumes of epicardial fat and CAC, independent of cardiovascular risk factors [beta per 1-SD increase in mean ...

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Lennard Wolff, Daniel Bos, Sarwa Darwish Murad, Oscar H. Franco, Gabriel P. Krestin, Albert Hofman, Meike W. Vernooij, Aad van der Lugt

Date : 01/12/2016 Item size : 287791 bytes

At baseline, EAT, defined as fat volume inside the pericardial sac, and LA size, defined as an axial area at the level of the mitral valve, were quantified from non-contrast enhanced cardiac CT. A ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ORIGINAL ARTICLES, Amir A. Mahabadi, Nils Lehmann, Hagen Kälsch, Marcus Bauer, Iryna Dykun, Kaffer Kara, Susanne Moebus, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, ...

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Subjects were free of manifest cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular risk factors, and significant coronary artery disease as determined by electron-beam computed tomography. Tissue ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Navtej S. Chahal, Tiong K. Lim, Piyush Jain, John C. Chambers, Jaspal S. Kooner, Roxy Senior

Date : 01/01/2010 Item size : 248086 bytes

Abstract Aims To determine the clinical management of cardiovascular complications, and the extent of cardiac left ventricular (LV) involvement, in a large cohort of homogenously treated patients ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Giorgio Derchi, Francesco Formisano, Manuela Balocco, Renzo Galanello, Patrizio Bina, Carlo Dessì, Antonio Piga, Guido ...

Date : 01/03/2011 Item size : 214858 bytes

Abstract Advances in medical imaging now make it possible to investigate any patient with cardiovascular disease using multiple methods which vary widely in their technical requirements, benefits, ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Position Paper, A.G. Fraser, P.T. Buser, J.J. Bax, W.R. Dassen, P. Nihoyannopoulos, J. Schwitter, J.M. Knuuti, M. Höher, F. Bengel, A. Szatmári

Date : 01/08/2006 Item size : 150591 bytes

KeywordsRuptured sinus ofValsalva aneurysmRight ventricleA 32-year-old man, admitted for inguinal hernia repair, was referred for preoperative cardiac evaluation because of a continuous ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Ozeke Ozcan, Tufekcioglu Omac, Geyik Bilal, Yildiz Ali, Yetim Mucahit

Date : 01/01/2005 Item size : 117899 bytes

Abstract Aims The aim of this study was to obtain normal reference ranges and intra-observer reproducibility for left (L) and right (R) atrial (A) volume indexes (VI, corrected for body surface area) ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Erlend Aune, Morten Baekkevar, Jo Roislien, Olaf Rodevand, Jan Erik Otterstad

Date : 01/08/2009

Abstract Aims This study examined the relationships between myocardial strain (ε) and strain rate (SR) data, derived from both two-dimensional (2D) speckle tracking and tissue Doppler imaging ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, David Oxborough, Alan M. Batterham, Rob Shave, Nigel Artis, Karen M. Birch, Greg Whyte, Philip N. Ainslie, Keith P. George

Date : 01/07/2009

There is a global obesity epidemic, and most experts expect it will severely curb the reduction in cardiovascular mortality so far observed over the past three decades.1,2 Despite the clear ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, EDITORIALS, Axel Schmermund, Stefan Möhlenkamp

Date : 01/09/2013