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In 2009, the HEAAL investigators[1] reported that losartan 150 mg/day reduced the rate of death and admissions for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFREF) compared with patients ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Pitt, Bertram

Date : 01/12/2012 Item size : 72879 bytes

ApoA-I Milano (apoA-IM) is a natural variant of human apoA-I identified in individuals in northern Italy, which results from the replacement of arginine by cysteine at position 173 of the apoA-I ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, INVITED EDITORIAL, Antonio J. Vallejo-Vaz, Kausik K. Ray

Date : 01/01/2016 Item size : 167390 bytes

Blood pressure is one of the cardinal risk factors for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Systolic and diastolic blood pressures are measured at the level of the brachial artery, ...

European Heart Journal, Editorial, Thierry C. Gillebert

Date : 21/11/2014 Item size : 188975 bytes

Objectives/Background Based on previous experiences, the Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency recommend that clinical trials for novel antidiabetic drugs are powered to ...

Heart, Heart failure and cardiomyopathy, Raphael Wurm, Michael Resl, Stephanie Neuhold, Rudolf Prager, Helmut Brath, Claudia Francesconi, Greisa Vila, Guido Strunk, Martin Clodi, Anton Luger, Richard ...

Date : 01/10/2016

In recent years, guidance from both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)2 and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)3 addressing evaluation of the cardiovascular risk of new antidiabetic drugs for ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, Editorials, J. Rick Turner, Dilip R. Karnad, Snehal Kothari, Alan Metz, Hitesh Patel, Erica Caveney

Date : 01/01/2017 Item size : 128050 bytes

A Mediterranean diet is linked to a lower risk of myocardial infarction and strokes in people with coronary heart disease (CHD), but a Western diet is not associated with an increased risk Evidence ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse

Date : 14/10/2016 Item size : 125897 bytes

[...]cardiovascular events largely occur in the low-to-intermediate risk class part of the adult population in which preventive measures are inevitably less aggressively recommended.1 Accordingly, we ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, EDITORIALS, Pompilio Faggiano, Nicola Gaibazzi

Date : 01/06/2015

Methods and results We examined the association of SAA and HDL-C with mortality in the Ludwigshafen Risk and Cardiovascular Health (LURIC) study, which included 3310 patients undergoing coronary ...

European Heart Journal, Lipids, Stephen Zewinger, Christiane Drechsler, Marcus E. Kleber, Alexander Dressel, Julia Riffel, Sarah Triem, Marlene Lehmann, Chantal Kopecky, Marcus D. Säemann, Philipp ...

Date : 14/11/2015

Download the Issue @ a Glance podcast Subscribe to the EHJ Podcast Prevention is better that cure As Niccolo Machiavelli already pointed out in his seminal work Il Principe in 1513, any disease is ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 14/05/2015

Abstract Aims To compare the efficacy [low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) lowering] and safety of alirocumab, a fully human monoclonal antibody to proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin 9, ...

European Heart Journal, Coronary artery disease, Christopher P. Cannon, Bertrand Cariou, Dirk Blom, James M. McKenney, Christelle Lorenzato, Robert Pordy, Umesh Chaudhari, Helen M. Colhoun

Date : 14/05/2015