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The original trials in the 1990s that showed the effectiveness of statins in reducing cardiovascular risk in coronary heart disease [1,2] have been followed up by long-term safety and efficacy trials ...

Date : 27/10/2016

Peripheral vascular disease is just one manifestation of the general disease process of atherosclerosis. [...]patients with a clinical manifestation of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) are likely ...

Date : 10/12/2004

In the prospective Physicians’ Health Study it has been demonstrated that CRP levels predict the risk of cardiovascular events in apparently healthy men and women. Baseline CRP levels have ...

Date : 03/01/2007

The data from clinical trials have shown that the elimination of risk factors for atherosclerosis reduces cardiovascular events and improves prognosis - not only in coronary - but also in ...

Date : 14/02/2006