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Lipid products mediated through PLA2 have been shown to induce impairment of endothelium-dependent dilation, contraction of smooth muscle and proliferation of smooth muscle cells, all of which might ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Kiyotaka Kugiyama, Yasutaka Ota, Hiroaki Kawano, Hirofumi Soejima, Hisao Ogawa, Seigo Sugiyama, Hideki Doi, Hirofumi Yasue

Date : 01/07/2000

Methods and results In a prospective multicentre study, we measured cTnI and cTnT using clinically available high-sensitivity assays (hs-cTnI Abbott and hs-cTnT Roche) and compared their diagnostic ...

European Heart Journal, Acute coronary syndromes, Maria Rubini Gimenez, Raphael Twerenbold, Tobias Reichlin, Karin Wildi, Philip Haaf, Miriam Schaefer, Christa Zellweger, Berit Moehring, Fabio ...

Date : 07/09/2014

Comparative study of chest pain characteristics in patients with normal and abnormal coronary angiograms. To improve the characterisation of chest pain by comparing symptoms in patients with normal ...

Heart, Research Article, R. A. Cooke, N. Smeeton, J. B. Chambers

Date : 01/08/1997

Introduction The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have released guidelines for the investigation of chest pain of recent onset (1). Methods 595 consecutive patients ...

Heart, BCS Abstracts 2011, C Patterson, E Nicol, L Bryan, T Woodcock, S Padley, D Bell

Date : 01/06/2011

B-type natriuretic peptide: a novel early blood marker of acute myocardial infarction in patients with chest pain and no ST-segment elevation Abstract Aims This study was undertaken to determine the ...

European Heart Journal, Bassan, Roberto, Potsch, Alfredo, Maisel, Alan, Tura, Bernardo, Villacorta, Humberto, Nogueira, Mônica Viegas, Campos, Augusta, Gamarski, Roberto, Masetto, Antonio ...

Date : 01/02/2005 Item size : 175264 bytes

Introduction Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is a potent endothelium-derived vasoconstrictor peptide,1 and its long-term effects include stimulation of myocardial hypertrophy,2 fibroblast proliferation,3 ...

European Heart Journal, Tsutamoto, T., Wada, A., Hayashi, M., Tsutsui, T., Maeda, K., Ohnishi, M., Fujii, M., Matsumoto, T., Yamamoto, T., Takayama, T., Ishii, C., Kinoshita, M.

Date : 01/02/2003

Clinical presentation and prognosis of left main coronary artery disease in the 1980s Clinical presentation and course were studied in 127 consecutive patients with angiographically proven left main ...

European Heart Journal, ATIE, J., BRUGADA, P., BRUGADA, J., SMEETS, J. L. R. M., CRUZ, F. E., ROUKENS, M. P., GORGELS, A., BĀR, F. W. H. M., WELLENS, H. J. J.

Date : 01/04/1991 Item size : 114763 bytes

Whereas the importance of thrombosis in myocardial infarction is uncontested in the presence of significant coronary artery disease, there is little in vivo evidence for thrombosis in ...

European Heart Journal, RAPOLD, H. J., HAEBERLI, A., KUEMMERLI, H., WEISS, M., BAUR, H. R., STRAUB, W. P.

Date : 01/04/1989 Item size : 101095 bytes

Ventricular arrhythmias are a frequent cause of sudden death in patients with coronary artery disease. Ambulatory ST-segment monitoring was performed in 100 consecutive patients with chest pain, of ...

European Heart Journal, QUYYUMI, A. A., CRAKE, T., WRIGHT, C., MOCKUS, L., LEVY, R. D., FOX, K. M.

Date : 01/12/1986

232 consecutive patients with acute myocardial infarction were treated either with 2 × 106 IU urokinase as an intravenous bolus injection, or 250000 IU streptokinase intracoronary, or 60 mg ...


Date : 01/01/1989 Item size : 101122 bytes