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Thallium-201 scintigraphy was used to investigate the effects of cold stimulation on myocardial perfusion in 12 patients with documented coronary artery disease (group 1), nine with chest pain but ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J C Rodger, R Railton, P Parekh, P Newman

Date : 01/07/1984

Evaluation of changes in myocardial perfusion and function on exercise in patients with coronary artery disease by gated MIBI scintigraphy. PATIENTS--43 presenting with chest pain, 28 with coronary ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P Avery, N Hudson, P Hubner

Date : 01/07/1993

K Yao1, R Huang1,2, J Qian1, J Cui1, L Ge1, Y Li1, F Zhang1, H Shi1, D Huang1, S Zhang1, A Sun1,3, Y Zou1,3, J Ge1,3 1Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan ...

Heart, Original article, K Yao, R Huang, J Qian, J Cui, L Ge, Y Li, F Zhang, H Shi, D Huang, S Zhang, A Sun, Y Zou, J Ge

Date : 01/09/2008

Assessment of Regional Myocardial Hypoperfusion with Myocardial Contrast Echocardiography Using Intravenous Bolus Application in Patients with Acute Chest Pain: A Double Case Report Two case reports ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Case Report, A Hagendorff, A Goeckritz, A Neugebauer, T Rother, T Linke, D Pfeiffer, H Becher

Date : 01/12/2003 Item size : 199718 bytes

[1] This effect is of direct practical value in day to day clinical medicine, and BNP levels are now recommended by all guidelines as a ‘rule out’ test for heart failure in patients with ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Adnan Nadir, M., Dow, Eleanor, Davidson, John, Kennedy, Norman, Lang, Chim C., Struthers, Allan D.

Date : 01/01/2014 Item size : 207452 bytes

Background: A prospective, randomised, single centre study was designed to test the safety and efficacy of nicorandil infusion, a potassium channel opener, prior to reperfusion in ST-elevation acute ...

Date : 20/08/2006 Item size : 34493 bytes

Recent major clinical trials of symptomatic patients with suspected coronary heart disease (CHD) have shown that computed tomography coronary angiography (CTCA) can markedly clarify the diagnosis and ...

European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes, REVIEWS, Mhairi K. Doris, David E. Newby

Date : 01/04/2016 Item size : 336516 bytes

Abstract Aims Safety concerns regarding the use of echo-contrast agents during baseline and SE in patients with recent chest pain have been raised. Methods and results Five hundred consecutive ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Clinical/Original Paper, Nicola Gaibazzi, Angelo Squeri, Diego Ardissino, Claudio Reverberi

Date : 01/08/2009

[...]coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) revealed isolated single coronary artery without stenosis. In this case, the right coronary artery (RCA) originated from the distal left ...

European Heart Journal, CARDIOVASCULAR FLASHLIGHTS, Shinji Inaba, Kenji Kikuchi, Haruhiko Higashi, Takumi Sumimoto

Date : 07/04/2015

Abstract This review has the purpose of informing the reader about the current use of imaging techniques in patients presenting with acute chest pain to the emergency department. Acute chest ...

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, REVIEW PAPERS, Udo Sechtem, Stephan Achenbach, Matthias Friedrich, Frans Wackers, José L. Zamorano

Date : 01/01/2012