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The field of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) remains extremely active, with major advances involving revascularisation strategies and techniques, adjuvant antithrombotic therapy (with a ...

European Heart Journal, CURRENT OPINION, Philippe Gabriel Steg, Patrick W. Serruys, Mohammad Abdelghani, William Wijns

Date : 21/01/2016

Jose Antonio BAZ ALONSO (Vigo, ES) 08:30 P1215 Predictors of side branch occlusion in bifurcation lesions after percutaneous coronary intervention: a coronary computed tomography angiography with ...

Poster Session 2: Interventional cardiology

Date : 01/09/2013 Item size : 357222 bytes

Gian Battista DANZI (Milano, Italy) 14:00 P2742 Early experience implanting a polymer-free biolimus A9 drug coated stent in complex real world patients from two United Kingdom centers Tim KINNAIRD ...

Poster session 3: From technicalities to prognosis in PCI

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