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Introduction Over 300 000 prosthetic heart valves (PHVs) are implanted worldwide every year. Besides the immediate risk of prosthesis-patient mismatch and the long-term risk of well-known ...

European Heart Journal, Swart, Laurens E, Scholtens, Asbjørn M, Tanis, Wilco, Nieman, Koen, Bogers, Ad J J C, Verzijlbergen, Fred J, Krestin, Gabriel P, Roos-Hesselink, Jolien W, Budde, Ricardo P J

Date : 01/11/2018 Item size : 147555 bytes

The acceptance of the continuity AVA equation by Doppler echocardiography by the cardiology community was subsequently based upon its validation with the Gorlin equation.2 However, simplifying ...

European Heart Journal, Reddy, Yogesh N V, Nishimura, Rick A

Date : 21/07/2018 Item size : 166789 bytes

Increased operator experience, technical advances in the new generation of transcatheter heart valves (THV) and excellent TAVI results in recently published randomized controlled trials have led to ...

European Heart Journal, Tarantini, Giuseppe, Nai Fovino, Luca, Gersh, Bernard J

Date : 21/02/2018 Item size : 592002 bytes

The high prevalence of aortic stenosis (AS) and the significant mortality that is associated with the symptomatic stage have stimulated research in this field that led to a rapid evolution of ...

European Heart Journal, Gotschy, Alexander, Manka, Robert

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The incidence of AS increases sharply after the age of 65, explaining why its prevalence reaches 5% after the age of 80 [3]. [...]the number of patients with AS is expected to be multiplied by 2 to ...

Date : 31/01/2018

Safety and efficacy of a repositionable and fully retrievable aortic valve used in routine clinical practice: the RESPOND Study Abstract Aims RESPOND is a prospective, open-label, single-arm study ...

European Heart Journal, Falk, Volkmar, Wöhrle, Jochen, Hildick-Smith, David, Bleiziffer, Sabine, Blackman, Daniel J, Abdel-Wahab, Mohamed, Gerckens, Ulrich, Linke, Axel, Ince, Hüseyin, ...

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