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To the Editor, In the last year, various substantial therapeutic advances have been made in the field of clinical cardiology; although numerous, we will focus on 3 areas that are highly relevant for ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

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Abstract This editorial refers to High-sensitivity cardiac troponin and natriuretic peptide with risk of lower-extremity peripheral artery disease: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) ...

European Heart Journal, Majithia, Arjun, Bhatt, Deepak L

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In particular, visit-to-visit blood pressure variability has gained attention from physicians since large blood pressure fluctuations from one visit to another are common observations in clinical ...

European Heart Journal, Laurent, Stéphane, Boutouyrie, Pierre

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There is a strong association between untreated moderate-to-severe OSA (apnoeahypopnoea index during sleep of at least 15/h) and cardiovascular events in epidemiological studies.1,2 Potential ...

European Heart Journal, Cowie, Martin R, Gallagher, Angela M, Simonds, Anita K

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The 20 topics are as follows i.e., (1) Eligibility for NOACs; (2) Practical start-up and follow-up scheme for patients on NOACs; (3) Ensuring adherence to prescribed oral anticoagulant intake; (4) ...

European Heart Journal, Steffel, Jan, Verhamme, Peter, Potpara, Tatjana S, Albaladejo, Pierre, Antz, Matthias, Desteghe, Lien, Haeusler, Karl Georg, Oldgren, Jonas, Reinecke, Holger, ...

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[...]while the association between cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment has been previously reported,1 the data from the MAAS strengthens our knowledge because of its prospective cohort ...

European Heart Journal, Roger, Véronique L

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