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Circulation 91:1512–1519 -Postema PG, van Dessel PF, Kors JA et al (2010) Local depolarization abnormalities are the dominant pathophysiologic mechanism for type 1 electrocardiogram in brugada ...

Date : 27/01/2015

Watch the webinar recording Nicolas Danchin and Ramzi Ajjan - How to manage cardiovascular disease in the pre-diabetic and diabetic patients? ESC Guidelines on Diabetes The 2 Key Opinion Leaders will ...

Date : 28/10/2014

Watch the webinar recording Dipen Shah, Sabine Ernst and Josef Kautzner will debate that the catheter ablation is an increasingly used therapeutic alternative in atrial fibrillation, with updated new ...

Date : 30/01/2014

Watch the webinar recording Joao Morais and Felicita Andreotti Oral anticoagulation is a major advance for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation. The format includes a case based ...

Date : 26/03/2014

Watch the webinar recording Christophe Leclercq Department of Cardiology and vascular Diseases, C.H.U. Pontchaillou, Rennes, France Haran Burri Department of Cardiology, University Hospital Of ...

Date : 15/05/2014

Role of imaging in aortic diseases Diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in acute aortic syndromes Heritable and genetic diseases of the aorta Follow-up of chronic aortic diseases. In addition to ...

Date : 22/01/2015

Have received a comprehensive summary of the EuroCMR 2014 meeting -Be able to discuss the role of cardiac MRI to risk stratify patients at risk of sudden cardiac death -Be able to explain the role of ...

Date : 29/09/2014

Explain the key principles of cardiac resynchronisation therapy pathophysiology and clinical implication on current medical practice Describe the adaptive CRT (aCRT) algorithm Comment on published ...

Date : 03/07/2014

Non-cardiac surgery in patients with cardiac disease: how to evaluate risks and how to manage the patients? Watch part 1 of the webinar recording Watch part 2 of the webinar recording Speakers Dr ...

Date : 18/11/2015

The 2013 ESC Guidelines on cardiac pacing and CRT: what changes in my clinical practice? The format includes a case based presentation, online assessment and live discussions with the three key ...

Date : 09/12/2013