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Shlofmitz E., Jauhar R., Shlofmitz R., Meraj P. AIMS Outcomes of orbital atherectomy have not been well evaluated in dialysis patients.The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy and ...

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EuroIntervention Effects of age and sex on clinical outcomes after PCI relative to CABG in patients with triple vessel coronary artery disease METHODS AND RESULTS In 25,816 patients enrolled in the ...

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The effects of increased dose adenosine in fractional flow reserve (FFR) were studied in relation to FFR, haemodynamic effects and patient discomfort. FFR, mean arterial pressure (MAP), heart rate ...

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Hernandez F., Pinar E., Molina E., Jose D., Lopez-palop R., Fernandez Guerrero J., Gutierrez H., Salvatella N., Carrillo X., De La Torre Hernandez J., Gomez Hospital J., Iñiguez A., Urbano C., Cyrne ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS The DESIRE registry is an ongoing prospective, non-randomised, single-arm study investigating the long-term follow-up of patients from daily practice undergoing DES as the default ...

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Azzalini L., Jolicoeur E., Pighi M., Millan X., Picard F., Tadros V., Fortier A., L'allier P., Ly H. AIMS Factors influencing the management of patients with coronary chronic total occlusions (CTO) ...

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EuroIntervention Early clinical experience with a polymer-free biolimus A9 drug-coated stent in DES-type patients who are poor candidates for prolonged DAPT Only patients who fitted the criteria for ...

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Hernandez F., Benedicto A., Perez De Prado A., Salinas P., Sanchis J., Rumoroso J., Piñon P., Avanzas P., Lopez Minguez J., Masotti M., Torres A., Moreno R., Lozano I., Bassaganyas J., Martins D., ...

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EuroIntervention EAPCI and TAVI: acronyms that bring us together

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EuroIntervention An international survey of clinical practice during primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction with a focus on aspiration thrombectomy Duke ...

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