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Objective Low-gradient (LG) severe aortic stenosis (AS) and preserved EF with reduced stroke volume are associated with an adverse prognosis, but the relationship of stroke volume index (SVI) with ...

Heart, Valvular heart disease, Mackram F Eleid, Paul Sorajja, Hector I Michelena, Joseph F Malouf, Christopher G Scott, Patricia A Pellikka

Date : 01/01/2015

RESULTS--Differences in individual patients' measurements of aortic valve area by the three Doppler techniques varied by up to 0.56 cm2 compared with values obtained by heart ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J. L. Fischer, T. Haberer, D. Dickson, L. Henselmann

Date : 01/03/1995

Angiographic criteria for the recognition of aortic valve prolapse in isolated ventricular septal defect were based on the degree of aortic cusp deformity and the presence or absence of aortic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S Menahem, J A Johns, S del Torso, T H Goh, A W Venables

Date : 01/09/1986

Balloon dilatation of congenital aortic valve stenosis in infants and children: short term and intermediate results. The balloon catheters were placed retrogradely, and their diameters were within ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M Vogel, L N Benson, P Burrows, J F Smallhorn, R M Freedom

Date : 01/08/1989

In 21 patients with native valve endocarditis precordial echocardiography showed evidence of vegetations in six patients and suggested their presence in nine. In two patients both echocardiographic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, M A Taams, E J Gussenhoven, E Bos, P de Jaegere, J R Roelandt, G R Sutherland, N Bom

Date : 01/02/1990

In a further 2 patients aortic regurgitation resulted from a structural abnormality of the aortic valve. [...]an early diastolic murmur is not uncommon in this situation and does not necessarily ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W D Alexander, A Polak

Date : 01/08/1977

The prevalence of significant coronary artery disease (reduction in luminal diameter by more than 50%) among 88 consecutive patients with aortic stenosis requiring aortic valve replacement at ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, N Exadactylos, D D Sugrue, C M Oakley

Date : 01/02/1984

N J Linker, A P Fitzpatrick Manchester Heart Centre, The Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL, UK Dr Fitzpatrick. email: adam.fitzpatrick{at} Accepted 12 December 1997 Abstract ...

Heart, Paper, N J Linker, A P Fitzpatrick

Date : 01/04/1998

Methods Parameters of aortic stenosis severity (jet velocity, mean pressure gradient (MPG) and AVA) and measures of body size (height, weight, BSA and body mass index (BMI)) were analysed in 2843 ...

Heart, Valvular heart disease, Jan Minners, Christa Gohlke-Baerwolf, Beat A Kaufmann, Edda Bahlmann, Eva Gerdts, Kurt Boman, John B Chambers, Christoph A Nienaber, Ronnie Willenheimer, Kristian ...

Date : 01/07/2014

METHODS AND RESULTS Retrospective analysis of extent and pattern of device landing zone calcification was performed in 386 consecutive patients with sufficient CT-quality. Retrospective assessment ...

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