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14:00 P3204 The prevalence of coronary artery anomalies detected on CT angiography in an asian population Swee Yaw TAN (Singapore, SG) 14:00 P3205 Characterization and quantification of coronary ...

Poster session 4: Diagnostic and prognostic impact of multidetector computed tomography

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14:00 P4832 Intravascular ultrasound findings at in-stent restenosis segment of overlapped drug-eluting stent Yasunari SAKAMOTO (Yokohama, JP) 14:00 P4833 Reproducibility of intravascular ultrasound ...

Poster session 6: Non invasive and invasive coronary imaging

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To examine the hypothesis that, in patients undergoing coronary angiography for suspected ischaemic heart disease, a normal angiographic result is associated with a fall in consumption of health care ...

Heart, Research Article, B. Keavney, Y. M. Haider, A. J. McCance, J. D. Skehan

Date : 01/06/1996

RESULTS Mean (SD) plasma homocysteine was 15.6 (10) μmol/l in controls and 18.5 (11) μmol/l in patients with coronary artery disease (p0.05). Plasma homocysteine concentrations above 15 ...

Heart, Paper, S L Tokgözoğlu, M Alikaşifoğlu, I˙ Ünsal, E Atalar, K Aytemir, N Özer, K Övünç, Ö Usal, S Kes, E Tunçbilek

Date : 01/05/1999

Dr A König Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Medizinische Poliklinik Innenstadt, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Ziemssenstr 1, 80336 Munich, Germany; ...

Heart, Technology and guidelines, Andreas König, Volker Klauss

Date : 01/08/2007

Maryam Sotoudeh Anvari1, Maryam Mortazavian Babaki1, Mohammad Ali Boroumand1, Bahareh Eslami2, Arash Jalali2, Hamidreza Goodarzynejad2 1Department of Surgical and Clinical Pathology, ehran Heart ...

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Choi S. AIMS This study was designed to investigate the association between severity and locations of coronary artery stenotic lesions and atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis (RAS).  Significant ...

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Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA; 6. Miami Interventional Cardiology Consultants, Miami, FL, USA Aims: In addition to an adjunctive imaging ...

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Methods and results: IMR and fractional flow reserve (FFR) were measured at left anterior descending artery (LAD) in 63 patients with chest pain except acute coronary syndrome. Echocardiographic ...

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EuroIntervention The prediction of severity and risk profile of coronary artery disease assed by intravascular ultrasound and virtual histology from non-invasive examinations and genetic ...

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