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Eighty nine of 327 consecutive patients undergoing coronary angioplasty at a centre had unstable angina--defined as either a worsening of the frequency or the severity of chest pain or severe ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, G Steffenino, B Meier, L Finci, W Rutishauser

Date : 01/05/1987

Twenty five angioplasty procedures were performed and the exercise maximal ST segment/heart rate slope was measured before and after operation on 23 occasions; in two patients treated for unstable ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, N P Silverton, M S Elamin, D R Smith, M I Ionescu, M Kardash, W Whitaker, D A Mary, R J Linden

Date : 01/04/1984

Long term follow up data were obtained in 96 (91 men, five women; mean age 48 years) of 105 consecutive patients with single vessel coronary artery disease (greater than 70% stenosis), judged ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, N Danchin, A Brengard, G Ethevenot, S Briançon, M Cuillière, E Aliot, C Pernot, J M Gilgenkrantz, P Mathieu, F Cherrier

Date : 01/03/1988

ObjectiveTo determine whether unstable angina, which is characterised by recurring episodes of myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion, is associated with oxidative stress (that is, where there is an ...

British Heart Journal, Articles, John McMurray, Mridula Chopra, Ibrahim Abdullah, W Ewen Smith, Henry J Dargie

Date : 01/11/1992

Objective To determine whether a single blood test for the measurement of C reactive protein, or troponin I or T concentrations could be used to stratify patients with intractable unstable angina ...

Heart, Paper, N P Curzen, D J Patel, M Kemp, J Hooper, C J Knight, D Clarke, C Wright, K M Fox

Date : 01/07/1998

Guideline for the management of patients with acute coronary syndromes without persistent ECG ST segment elevation Patients presenting with symptoms consistent with an acute coronary syndrome should ...

Heart, Guidelines

Date : 01/02/2001

EuroIntervention An FFR CT diagnostic strategy vs. usual care in patients with suspected coronary artery disease planned for coronary angiography at German sites: results of a subgroup analysis of ...

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Moura Guedes J., Carvalho D., Bento D., Azevedo P., Marques N., Santos W., Mimoso J., Brandão V., De Jesus I. AIMS The purpose of this study was to identify independent predictors for the absence of ...

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EuroIntervention Bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation for recurrent in-stent restenosis: an option in case of multiple failures? E-mail: An 80-year-old male underwent ...

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EuroIntervention Does access to invasive examination and treatment influence socioeconomic differences in case fatality for patients admitted for the first time with non-ST-elevation myocardial ...

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