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[5] Numerous clinical trials have, and are being undertaken with the primary or secondary goal of reducing pulmonary artery (PA) pressures in people with HFpEF,[10-17] but there remains uncertainty ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Obokata, Masaru, Borlaug, Barry A.

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Association of beta‐blocker treatment with mortality following myocardial infarction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure or left ventricular dysfunction: a ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Coiro, Stefano, Girerd, Nicolas, Rossignol, Patrick, Ferreira, João Pedro, Maggioni, Aldo, Pitt, Bertram, Tritto, Isabella, Ambrosio, Giuseppe, Dickstein, Kenneth, ...

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[1] In systolic[2] and diastolic[3, 4] heart failure, heart rate is related to the composite of cardiovascular death and heart failure hospitalization in sinus rhythm with a heart rate ≥70 b.p.m. ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Böhm, Michael

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Aims To examine the impact of diabetes mellitus on long-term clinical outcomes in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) complicated by clinical signs of heart failure (HF) or left ventricular ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Tajik, Athar A., Dobre, Daniela, Aguilar, David, Kjekshus, John, Zannad, Faiez, Dickstein, Kenneth

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