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Dr Vicky MacRae speaks to Mark Nicholls about research which could help explain why men are more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease than their similarly aged female counterparts It is well known ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse, Mark Nicholls

Date : 07/12/2016 Item size : 119707 bytes

Download the Issue @ a Glance podcast Subscribe to the EHJ Podcast Geoffrey Rose (19261993) pioneered the concept that, to reduce the burden of disease, improving the population distribution of a ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 21/08/2015 Item size : 245944 bytes

[...]there has rarely been any healthcare adviceperhaps with the exception of the recommendation for smoking cessationthat has been more rigorously implanted in the public consciousness than to ...

European Heart Journal, Wolfram Doehner, Stephan von Haehling, Stefan D. Anker

Date : 21/10/2015 Item size : 213042 bytes

In his notes he wrote: I found no material disease of the heart, except that the coronary arteries were thickened2 Rudolf Virchow was the first to recognize the inflammatory nature of atherosclerosis ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 01/03/2015 Item size : 221872 bytes

Ever since then, smoking cessation has became a cornerstone of prevention.1,2 Later, blood pressure lowering was shown to reduce stroke, infarction, and premature death.3 A major breakthrough was the ...

European Heart Journal, ISSUE @ A GLANCE, Thomas F. Lüscher

Date : 01/08/2016 Item size : 193158 bytes

The major cardiovascular risk factors, i.e. high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome including hyperlipoproteinaemia and type 2 diabetes, show a sharply rising incidence with ageing and promote ...

European Heart Journal, Editorial, Thomas Thum

Date : 21/12/2015 Item size : 167232 bytes

To measure practice is to understand practice, and to identify where the gaps in delivery of quality care exist, as benchmarked against relevant practice guidelines and performance measures, and ...

European Heart Journal, Editorial, L. Kristin Newby

Date : 07/01/2016

The EUROASPIRE survey of cardiovascular prevention and diabetes in 24 countries in Europe Introduction The aim of the Joint European Societies (JES) Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse

Date : 21/04/2015

Abstract Aims In the dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) study, continued thienopyridine beyond 12 months after drug-eluting stent placement was associated with increased mortality compared with ...

European Heart Journal, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Laura Mauri, Sammy Elmariah, Robert W. Yeh, Donald E. Cutlip, P. Gabriel Steg, Stephan Windecker, Stephen D. Wiviott, David J. Cohen, Joseph M. Massaro, ...

Date : 21/01/2016