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Barwari A., Allawi N., Ahmed A. AIMS The current study is the first study from Iraq to address the different allelic variants of the gene CYP2C19, and to correlate them to the major cardiovascular ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of chronic kidney disease on two-year clinical outcomes in patients treated with a six-month or 24-month DAPT duration: insights from the PRODIGY trial Santucci A., Gargiulo ...

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Women (n=459; 23.3%) were older, more likely to have hypertension, lower creatinine clearance, and acute coronary syndrome (ACS), but had a lower severity of coronary artery disease (CAD). After ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS The Optimized Duration of Clopidogrel Therapy Following Treatment With the Endeavor Zotarolimus-Eluting Stent in the Real World Clinical Practice (OPTIMIZE) was an open-label, ...

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EuroIntervention Two-year outcomes of an everolimus-eluting BRS in real-world coronary artery disease Robaei D., Spies M., Back L., Kushwaha V., Ooi S., Giles R., Pitney M., Jepson N. AIMS To ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of stent type and prolonged DAPT on long-term clinical outcomes in haemodialysis patients with coronary artery disease Asami M., Aoki J., Sato T., Tanimoto S., Watanabe M., ...

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EuroIntervention A randomised study of dabigatran in elective percutaneous coronary intervention in stable coronary artery disease patients Department of Interventional Cardiology, Erasmus ...

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EuroIntervention Prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy: a potential mitigator of the adverse effects of local haemodynamic shear stress in high-risk coronary regions? Additionally, the benefits of ...

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EuroIntervention Left main or proximal left anterior descending coronary artery disease location identifies high-risk patients deriving potentially greater benefit from prolonged dual antiplatelet ...

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