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The duration of 12 months of DAPT was accepted, recommended, and reproduced in subsequent trials when more potent P2Y12 inhibitors were studied in NSTE-ACS.11,13 In the pivotal studies for ...

European Heart Journal, Review, Gilles Montalescot, Marc S. Sabatine

Date : 21/01/2016

14:00 P6496 Dual antiplatelet therapy improves the levels of CD34+ progenitor cells exrpessing endothelial phenotype as well as their conjugates with platelets in patients with acute coronary ...

Poster session 7: Platelets and antiplatelet therapy: Miscellaneous

Date : 02/09/2014 Item size : 93593 bytes

10:05 P5000 Platelet responsiveness to PAR4 activation in a healthy population and its inhibition by a potent and selective PAR4 antagonist Kate DOWNES (Cambridge, United Kingdom) 10:12 P5001 The ...

Mechanisms of platelet activation

Date : 30/08/2016 Item size : 84152 bytes

Edyta STODOLKIEWICZ (Krakow, Poland) 08:30 P5595 Clopidogrel use as single antiplatelet therapy in outpatients with stable coronary artery disease: prevalence, correlates and association with ...

Poster session 6: Antiplatelet therapy

Date : 30/08/2016 Item size : 164308 bytes

Final Results from the Multicenter Rijnmond Collective Cardiology Study Marc VAN DER LINDEN (Barendrecht, Netherlands) 08:30 P1830 Characteristics and safety outcomes in first-time users of the P2Y12 ...

Poster session 2: Clinical platelet studies

Date : 28/08/2016 Item size : 177222 bytes

Maximilian VON ROEDER (Leipzig, DE) 14:00 P1505 Impact of diabetes on LDL-cholesterol target achievement in patients with cardiovascular disease in clinical practice in Europe and Canada: results of ...

Poster session 2: Secondary prevention: interventions and outcomes

Date : 28/08/2011 Item size : 212737 bytes

Management of patients undergoing percutaneous vascular interventions: balancing ischaemic benefit and bleeding risk Since the seminal development of catheter-based balloon angioplasty of vascular ...

European Heart Journal, Lüscher, Thomas F.

Date : 07/04/2017 Item size : 242859 bytes

Platelet reactivity in human immunodeficiency virus infected patients on dual antiplatelet therapy for an acute coronary syndrome: the EVERE2ST-HIV study Methods and results Acute coronary syndrome ...

European Heart Journal, Hauguel-Moreau, Marie, Boccara, Franck, Boyd, Anders, Salem, Joe-Elie, Brugier, Delphine, Curjol, Angélique, Hulot, Jean-Sébastien, Kerneis, Mathieu, Galier, Sophie, ...

Date : 01/06/2017 Item size : 4411 bytes