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William A E Parker, Robert F Storey Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK Correspondence to Professor Robert F Storey, Department of ...

Heart, Review, William A E Parker, Robert F Storey

Date : 15/05/2016

SETTING--Tertiary referral centre for interventional treatment of coronary artery disease. MEAN OUTCOME MEASURES--Early closure was defined as angiographically documented stent thrombosis within the ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, E. Eeckhout, G. van Melle, J. C. Stauffer, P. Vogt, L. Kappenberger, J. J. Goy

Date : 01/12/1995

Vice versa, patients presenting with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) develop AF in 621% of cases, hence, through the presence of vascular disease, these patients automatically require anticoagulation ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, REVIEWS, Miklos Rohla, Thomas W. Weiss, Johann Wojta, Alexander Niessner, Kurt Huber

Date : 01/07/2015 Item size : 293945 bytes

Shlofmitz E., Jauhar R., Shlofmitz R., Meraj P. AIMS Outcomes of orbital atherectomy have not been well evaluated in dialysis patients.The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy and ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 31171 bytes

METHODS AND RESULTS From March 2014 to October 2014 1334 consecutive PCI performed in two centres were prospectively registered, of which 259 were PCI of bifurcation lesions with a side branch >2 mm ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 32758 bytes

The aim of this study was to compare commonly used DES with regard to long-term risk of restenosis and stent thrombosis. To adjust for differences in patients' characteristics, the following ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 32224 bytes

EuroIntervention Provisional vs. two-stent technique for unprotected left main coronary artery disease after 10 years follow-up: a propensity-matched analysis METHODS AND RESULTS This is a ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 31459 bytes

EuroIntervention Clinical efficacy and safety of drug-coated balloon angioplasty as primary therapy / adjunctive therapy in primary PCI (nine-month clinical follow-up) Ho H., Loh K., Tan J., Ooi Y., ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 32703 bytes

EuroIntervention Impact of stent type and prolonged DAPT on long-term clinical outcomes in haemodialysis patients with coronary artery disease Asami M., Aoki J., Sato T., Tanimoto S., Watanabe M., ...

Date : 06/05/2016 Item size : 31385 bytes

METHODS AND RESULTS The ABSORB EXTEND study prospectively enrolled 812 patients with stable coronary artery disease or acute coronary syndromes treated with the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold ...

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