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The existing clinical dogma is that stress-induced myocardial ischaemia is important in the management of chronic coronary artery disease (CAD) because it can identify patients with a worse prognosis ...

European Heart Journal, CURRENT OPINION, Raymond J. Gibbons, Todd D. Miller

Date : 07/09/2015 Item size : 272189 bytes

The management of patients with severe secondary (also called functional) mitral regurgitation (MR) and left ventricular (LV) dysfunction is a topic of interest because it concerns many patients who ...

European Heart Journal, Alec Vahanian, Bernard Iung

Date : 21/10/2015

Previous studies suggest that the risk variables for developing HF early after an uncomplicated anterior infarct are primarily related to infarct size and early left ventricular dysfunction, whereas ...

European Heart Journal, Editorial, John Kjekshus

Date : 21/06/2015

Diagnostic incapacity of exercise-induced QRS wave amplitude changes to detect coronary artery disease and left ventricular dysfunction

European Heart Journal, VAN, M. J. EENIGE, DE FEYTER, P. J., DE, J. P. JONG, ROOS, J. P.

Date : 01/02/1982

Impairment of exercise capacity and peak oxygen consumption in patients with mild left ventricular dysfunction and coronary artery disease Aims Most studies in chronic heart failure have only ...

European Heart Journal, Nieuwland, W., Berkhuysen, M.A., van Veldhuisen, D.J., van Sonderen, E., Viersma, J.W., Lie, K.I., Rispens, P.

Date : 01/11/1998 Item size : 88072 bytes

[...]the persistence of ST segment depression for more than 48 hours was associated with a more severe depression of the ejection fraction than transient depression (less than 48 hours). In summary, ...

European Heart Journal, GIBELIN, P., GILLES, B., BAUDOUY, M., GUARINO, L., MORAND, P.

Date : 01/02/1986

Coronary artery disease was more extensive in patients with early post-infarction angine compared with those without angina. In patients with early post-infarction angina, age, left ventricular ...

European Heart Journal, Fioretti, P., Brower, R. W., Balakumaran, K.

Date : 01/12/1986 Item size : 93552 bytes

Furthermore, patients with pump dysfunction can benefit from a supervised physical training programme by improving their functional capacity and thus, their quality of life. The absolute ...

European Heart Journal, Kellermann, J. J., Shemesh, J., Ben-Ari, E.

Date : 01/04/1988

Accuracy of currently available techniques for prediction of functional recovery after revascularization in patients with left ventricular dysfunction due to chronic coronary artery disease: ...

European Heart Journal, Bukachi, F., Henein, M.Y., Underwood, S.R.

Date : 01/08/2000 Item size : 95680 bytes

Doppler tissue velocity sampling improves diagnostic accuracy during dobutamine stress echocardiography for the assessment of viable myocardium in patients with severe left ventricular ...

European Heart Journal, Rambaldi, R, Poldermans, D, Bax, J.J, Boersma, E, Elhendy, A, Vletter, W, Roelandt, J.R.T.C, Valkema, R

Date : 01/07/2000