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Moderator: Juhani Knuuti Speakers: Richard Underwood and Koen Nieman Directed at cardiologists, nuclear physicians and cardiac radiologists, this course will provide information about the basic ...

Date : 20/11/2014

The risk-benefit ratio can be discussed and depends on many factors : “The mean prevalence of carotid stenosis > 60% in patients with coronary artery disease is 9%, too low to justify ...

Date : 31/05/2011

Apply a systematic approach to the detection of abnormal glucose metabolism, including diabetes and prediabetes, in patients presenting with coronary artery disease Identify patients with diabetes ...

Date : 17/06/2015

Understand the reasons for treatment of CAD: symptom reduction and prevention of untoward events (death, MI) Understand the importance of ischemia in patients with stable coronary artery disease ...

Date : 14/11/2012

An understanding of the methodology is important to understand its strengths and weaknesses, and implement cardiac CT when and where it can contribute most in the clinical management of patients with ...

Date : 19/03/2015

Antithrombotic strategies in coronary artery disease: a clinical based approach View the webinar Peter Clemmensen and Kurt Huber Update of recent ESC guidelines with respect to antithrombotic ...

Date : 18/04/2012

What is the best myocardial revascularisation strategy for each patient presenting with multivessel coronary artery disease, considering his/her clinical status, and in the light of best available ...

Date : 25/09/2014

The management of dyslipidaemias in the secondary prevention of coronary artery disease (CAD) Watch the webinar recording G. De Backer and A. Catapano The objective of this webinar is to review and ...

Date : 07/05/2013

Watch the webinar recording The aim of this webinar is to explore the mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis associated with sleep apnea and to understand the arrhythmias associated with sleep apnea.

Date : 07/04/2014

Watch the webinar recording Speakers: Dr Rosa Sicari and Dr Luigi Badano Objectives of the course Stress echocardiography is an established technique for the assessment and risk stratification of ...

Date : 30/05/2011