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Barwari A., Allawi N., Ahmed A. AIMS The current study is the first study from Iraq to address the different allelic variants of the gene CYP2C19, and to correlate them to the major cardiovascular ...

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Dworeck C., Angerås O., Haraldsson I., Ioanes D., Odenstedt J., Petursson P., Robertsson L., Stewart J., Wahlin M., Völz S., Albertsson P., Råmunddal T., Omerovic E. AIMS We investigated the ...

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EuroIntervention Procedural safety and intermediate term efficacy of zotarolimus-eluting Resolute Integrity stents in the management of native very-long segment coronary artery lesions: a prospective ...

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Shlofmitz E., Jauhar R., Shlofmitz R., Meraj P. AIMS Outcomes of orbital atherectomy have not been well evaluated in dialysis patients.The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy and ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS In a cohort of 284 patients (70 women and 214 men) undergoing bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation in two tertiary centres (Großhadern Klinikum München and Policlinico ...

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EuroIntervention Angiographic complexity of coronary artery disease according to SYNTAX score and clinical outcomes after revascularisation with newer-generation DES: a substudy of the BIOSCIENCE ...

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EuroIntervention The impact of coronary artery disease on survival after TAVI Sinning J., Shamekhi J., Stundl A., Weber M., Sedaghat A., Pingel S., Hammerstingl C., Welz A., Mellert F., Grube E., ...

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Lemos P., Chandwani P., Saxena S., Ramachandran P., Abhyankar A., Campos C., Marchini J., Galon M., Verma P., Sandhu M., Parikh N., Bhupali A., Jain S., Prajapati J. AIMS The aim of this registry was ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS The EVEREST II REALISM Continued Access study (REALISM) is a prospective, multicentre, continued access study to collect data on the real-world use of the MitraClip®device in ...

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Boeder N., Koepp T., Doerr O., Bauer T., Elsässer A., Möllmann H., Achenbach S., Hamm C., Nef H. AIMS To evaluate the acute performance of novolimus-eluting bioresorbable scaffold with a nominal ...

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