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Lenka SPINAROVA (Brno, CZ) 14:00 P3509 Metaloproteinase -9 correlates independently with obstructive pulmonary disease in chronic heart failure patients Katerina VITLIANOVA (Sofia, BG) 14:00 P3510 ...

Poster session 4: Heart failure - Left ventricular dysfunction

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Bjoern GOEBEL (Jena, DE) 08:30 P4376 Evidence for impaired left ventricular contractility during normal pregnancy Mette-Elise ESTENSEN (Oslo, NO) 08:30 P4377 Cavopulmonary shunt after LVAD ...

Poster session 5: Heart Failure - Left ventricular dysfunction

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On the basis of the drinking history twenty patients were classified as being in an abstinent or light drinking group and eighteen patients as being in a heavy drinking group (daily alcohol intake in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P J Richardson, A D Wodak, L Atkinson, J B Saunders, D E Jewitt

Date : 01/08/1986

Y. H. Kim, J. Goldberger, A. Kadish Division of Cardiology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Catheter ablation of ventricular ...

Heart, Research Article, Y. H. Kim, J. Goldberger, A. Kadish

Date : 01/12/1996

R A Diaz, A Obasohan, C M Oakley Department of Medicine (Clinical Cardiology), Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London. Significant differences between survivors and ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, R A Diaz, A Obasohan, C M Oakley

Date : 01/10/1987

Abstract Objective To investigate cardiac function in patients with mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) and clarify the clinical features of ...

Heart, Paper, Y Okajima, Y Tanabe, M Takayanagi, H Aotsuka

Date : 01/09/1998

A 46 year old woman with a history of dilated cardiomyopathy, an ejection fraction of 10% and a left ventricular thrombus, HIV, hypertension, and a history of hepatitis B, was admitted with ...

Heart, Miscellanea, A A Peter, S Seecheran

Date : 01/09/2005

S Di Sommaa, M Marottaa, G Salvatorea, G Cudemoa, G Cudab, F De Vivod, M P Di Benedettoa, F Ciaramellac, G Caputoa, O de Divitiisa aDepartment of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University ...

Heart, Basic research, S Di Somma, M Marotta, G Salvatore, G Cudemo, G Cuda, F De Vivo, M P Di Benedetto, F Ciaramella, G Caputo, O de Divitiis

Date : 01/12/2000

A case of a 54 year old woman with tachycardia and congestive heart failure is described. Initial evaluation included an echocardiogram, which showed dilated cardiomyopathy with an ejection fraction ...

Heart, Electronic pages, K Chang-Chretien, J T Chew, D P Judge

Date : 01/07/2004

The prognosis of HF patients is dismal, with 5-year survival rates worse than many of the most common cancers.1 Cardiac remodelling is a key component of HF that progresses from adaptive to ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ORIGINAL PAPERS, Jonatan Eriksson, Ann F. Bolger, Tino Ebbers, Carl-Johan Carlhäll

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