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Left ventricular dimensions and function were assessed by serial M mode and cross sectional echocardiography in ten infants and young children with heart muscle disease characterised by left ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, E Weinhouse, K L Wanderman, S Sofer, Y Gussarsky, M Gueron

Date : 01/07/1986

ObjectivesTo determine the prevalence of and risk factors for myocardial dysfunction in HIV infection. The abnormality was (a) dilated cardiomyopathy in 13 patients (eight homosexuals, three drug ...

British Heart Journal, Articles, A J Jacob, G R Sutherland, A G Bird, R P Brettle, C A Ludlam, A McMillan, N A Boon

Date : 01/12/1992

Letters to the EditorAuthors Peter Alter, Corresponding authorPhilipps University of Marburg Internal Medicine—Cardiology Baldingerstrasse 35033, Marburg, Germany Tel: +49 6421 5866462 Fax: +49 ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Alter, Peter, Rupp, Heinz

Date : 01/05/2011 Item size : 63579 bytes

Giant Eustachian valve and left ventricular systolic dysfunction in a patient with non-dilated amyloid cardiomyopathy Abstract Amyloid cardiomyopathy is characterized by non-dilated thick-walled ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Electronic Paper, Sandeep Arora, Madhavi Kadiyala, LeRoy Moore

Date : 01/01/2008 Item size : 136132 bytes

Passive ventricular constraint amends the course of heart failure: a study in an ovine model of dilated cardiomyopathy Results: At termination, the left ventricular fractional shortening was ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, J.M Power, J Raman, A Dornom, S.J Farish, L.M Burrell, A.M Tonkin, B Buxton, C.A Alferness

Date : 01/12/1999

[...]these myocardial collagen fibers must be disrupted for ventricular dilatation, sphericalization and wall thinning to occur. The presence of an abundant, latent matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Joseph S. Janicki, Gregory L. Brower, Jason D. Gardner, Mary F. Forman, James A. Stewart, David B. Murray, Amanda L. Chancey

Date : 15/02/2006

Piotr Szymański, Magdalena Lipczyńska, Anna Klisiewicz, Piotr Hoffman Echocardiographic Laboratory, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Department, Institute of Cardiology Warsaw, Warszaw, Poland ...

Heart, Image challenge, Piotr Szymański, Magdalena Lipczyńska, Anna Klisiewicz, Piotr Hoffman

Date : 01/01/2014

The different stages of DCM are reflected by the presentation of asymptomatic patients with left ventricular dilatation or impaired systolic function, patients with exercise-induced symptoms of heart ...

European Heart Journal, Osterziel, Karl Josef, Perrot, Andreas

Date : 01/04/2005 Item size : 122411 bytes

Methods and results This study cohort comprised 45 patients (mean age at diagnosis 37 years) consecutively identified at a referral centre for cardiomyopathy over a 10-year period. Introduction ...

European Heart Journal, Murphy, Ross T., Thaman, Rajesh, Blanes, Juan Gimeno, Ward, Deirdre, Sevdalis, Elias, Papra, Efi, Kiotsekolglou, Anatoli, Tome, Maria T., Pellerin, Denis, McKenna, William J., ...

Date : 01/01/2005 Item size : 171280 bytes

Dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart muscle disease of unknown aetiology, characterized by left ventricular dilatation and impaired systolic function. Data on the incidence and prevalence of the ...

European Heart Journal, Rakar, S., Sinagra, G., Di Lenarda, A., Poletti, A., Bussani, R., Silvestri, F., Camerini, F.

Date : 01/01/1997 Item size : 94424 bytes