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Teresa LOPEZ FERNANDEZ (Madrid, Spain) 14:00 P647 Influence of metabolic syndrome and diabetes on progression of calcific aortic valve stenosis - The COFRASA - GENERAC Study Ariane TESTUZ (Paris, ...

Poster session 3: Heart valves

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Sudhir WAHI (Brisbane, Australia) 09:00 P206 Comparison of conventional echo score in patients with symptomatic rheumatic mitral stenosis: transesophageal echocardiography versus transthoracic ...

Poster session 1: Heart valves

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OBJECTIVES To define the impact of surgical strategy [concomitant mitral valve surgery or isolated aortic valve replacement (AVR)] in patients with moderate secondary mitral regurgitation (MR) at the ...

Date : 01/08/2013

[...]in light of these findings, female gender does not appear to be an independent risk factor for operative mortality following aortic valve surgery. Some studies have demonstrated that, for the ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

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