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INTRODUCTION Aortic valve stenosis (AS) is a common disease in which failure of the aortic valve to completely open imposes an abnormally high pressure load upon the left ventricle that, in turn, ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

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OBJECTIVES To define the impact of surgical strategy [concomitant mitral valve surgery or isolated aortic valve replacement (AVR)] in patients with moderate secondary mitral regurgitation (MR) at the ...

Date : 01/08/2013

Abstract Aims Our aim was to compare the long-term effects on rhythm and quality of life (QoL) after left atrial epicardial radiofrequency (RF) ablation vs. no ablation in patients undergoing cardiac ...

Europace, ABLATION FOR ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, Birgitta Johansson, Birgitta Houltz, Eva Berglin, Gunnar Brandrup-Wognsen, Thomas Karlsson, Nils Edvardsson

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INTRODUCTION A stented bioprostheses in the aortic position has the disadvantage of presenting high transvalvular gradients as well as incomplete regression of left ventricular hypertrophy.1 The ...

Revista Española de Cardiología

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