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Accumulation of extracellular ATP protects against acute reperfusion injury in rat heart endothelial cells Abstract Objective: Ischemiareperfusion provokes barrier failure of the coronary ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gündüz, Dursun, Kasseckert, Sascha A., Härtel, Frauke V., Aslam, Muhammad, Abdallah, Yaser, Schäfer, Matthias, Piper, Hans Michael, Noll, Thomas, Schäfer, ...

Date : 01/09/2006 Item size : 347869 bytes

Methods: In cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells, cytosolic calcium [Ca2+]i (Fura 2 method), phosphorylation of MLC, isometric tension and permeability for albumin were studied. Results: ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gündüz, Dursun, Hirche, Frank, Härtel, Frauke Viola, Rodewald, Christoph Walter, Schäfer, Matthias, Pfitzer, Gabriele, Piper, Hans Michael, Noll, Thomas

Date : 01/08/2003