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Tel: +44 203 299 3259, Fax: +44 203 299 3489, Email: Search for more papers by this author Iain C. Macdougall Department of Renal Medicine, King's College Hospital, London, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, McDonagh, Theresa, Macdougall, Iain C.

Date : 01/03/2015 Item size : 307297 bytes

Introduction Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a common, serious, and costly disease whose clinical course is characterized by recurrent hospitalizations due to fluid overload and/or worsening of renal ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Dendale, Paul, De Keulenaer, Gilles, Troisfontaines, Pierre, Weytjens, Caroline, Mullens, Wilfried, Elegeert, Ivan, Ector, Bavo, Houbrechts, Marita, Willekens, ...

Date : 01/03/2012 Item size : 175346 bytes

[...]concomitant vascular abnormalities, endothelial dysfunction, and an increased prothrombotic activity in association with activation of the sympathetic nervous system and of the ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Mulder, Bart A., Kamphuisen, Pieter Willem, Van Gelder, Isabelle C.

Date : 01/03/2012 Item size : 86548 bytes

Heart failure and cognitive impairment share several common pathological processes and risk factors, and cause or consequence has been a subject of discussion. In the literature, the reported ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Festen, Suzanne, de Rooij, Sophia E.

Date : 01/06/2015 Item size : 72517 bytes

Excess vasopressin levels have long been recognized in patients with heart failure, particularly those with more severe clinical manifestations,1–4 where alternative signals, such as haemodynamic ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Konstam, Marvin A., Udelson, James E.

Date : 01/03/2011 Item size : 90751 bytes

Introduction Heart failure is an increasingly common disorder causing high mortality and morbidity, despite modern developments in medical therapy.1 As a result, the need for assessing prognosis has ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Woods, Paul R., Bailey, Kent R., Wood, Christina M., Johnson, Bruce D.

Date : 01/03/2011 Item size : 157726 bytes

Introduction Chronic heart failure (CHF) is considered to be one of the most serious cardiovascular diseases of this century due to its high prevalence and poor prognosis.1 Heart failure not only ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Braun, Vittoria, Heintze, Christoph, Rufer, Veronika, Welke, Justus, Stein, Tanja, Mehrhof, Felix, Dini, Lorena

Date : 01/01/2011 Item size : 150556 bytes

Introduction Anaemia is common in patients with heart failure and is a potent predictor of adverse outcomes.1 Heart failure patients with anaemia experience greater functional impairment and higher ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Desai, Akshay, Lewis, Eldrin, Solomon, Scott, McMurray, John J.V., Pfeffer, Marc

Date : 01/09/2010 Item size : 155564 bytes

Position StatementA position statement of the Study Group on Exercise Training in Heart Failure of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology Authors Conraads Viviane M., ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Conraads, Viviane M., Deaton, Christi, Piotrowicz, Ewa, Santaularia, Nuria, Tierney, Stephanie, Piepoli, Massimo F., Pieske, Burkert, Schmid, Jean‐Paul, ...

Date : 01/05/2012 Item size : 198471 bytes

Incidence and clinical relevance of uncontrolled ventricular rate during atrial fibrillation in heart failure patients treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy Introduction Atrial fibrillation ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Boriani, Giuseppe, Gasparini, Maurizio, Landolina, Maurizio, Lunati, Maurizio, Proclemer, Alessandro, Lonardi, Gabriele, Iacopino, Saverio, Rahue, Werner, Biffi, ...

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