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Atrial fibrillation is associated with a lower exercise capacity in male chronic heart failure patients Abstract Objective To study the influence of atrial fibrillation on peak oxygen uptake (peak ...

Heart, Paper, K Pardaens, J Van Cleemput, J Vanhaecke, R H Fagard

Date : 01/12/1997

Instantaneous effects of resynchronisation therapy on exercise performance in heart failure patients: the mechanistic role and predictive power of total isovolumic time T V Salukhe1,2, K ...

Heart, Original research, T V Salukhe, K Dimopoulos, R Sutton, P Poole-Wilson, M Y Henein, M Morgan, J R Clague, D P Francis

Date : 01/01/2008

Cardiac output is often decreased in heart failure patients, resulting in suboptimal tissue perfusion, especially of peripheral muscles. [...]heart failure is associated with increased adrenergic ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Lexis, Chris P.H., Horst, Iwan C.C., Lipsic, Erik

Date : 01/11/2012 Item size : 83050 bytes

Muscle glucose uptake depends on the amount of glucose delivered to the tissue and the fraction of glucose extracted.3 Thus, if vasoconstriction occurs in the capillary compartment of the muscle, the ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Horst, Iwan C.C., Tack, Cees J.

Date : 01/02/2011 Item size : 71374 bytes

Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a highly prevalent disease associated with repeated hospitalisations, and high morbidity and mortality. [3],[4] Although the pathophysiologies of OSA and CSR-CSA are ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Maaten, Joost M.A.A., Wijkstra, Peter J.

Date : 01/10/2011 Item size : 87245 bytes

Transoesophageal left ventricular pacing in heart failure patients with permanent right ventricular pacing Abstract Background Previous studies of biventricular (BV) pacing for treatment of heart ...

Europace, Short Series Report, Matthias Heinke, Ralf Surber, Helmut Kühnert, Gudrun Dannberg, Gero Schwarz, Hans R. Figulla

Date : 01/11/2005 Item size : 159988 bytes

[...]digoxin treatment is known to control symptoms of congestive heart failure when added to standard therapy. Despite recent improvements in therapy the overall prognosis for congestive heart ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, K Kjeldsen, A Nørgaard, M Gheorghiade

Date : 01/09/2002 Item size : 234600 bytes

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) has become the standard therapy for patients with decreased systolic left ventricular (LV) function with the indication extending most recently also the less ...

Europace, Editorial, Alexander H. Maass, Dirk J. van Veldhuisen

Date : 01/02/2011

Increase in paced heart rate reduces muscle sympathetic nerve activity in heart failure patients treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy Abstract Aims To test the hypothesis that acute ...

Europace, Pacing and resynchronization therapy, Marcus Ståhlberg, Mikael Sander, Lars Mortensen, Cecilia Linde, Frieder Braunschweig

Date : 01/03/2015

Abstract Aims The aim of this study was to study the haemodynamic effect of atrioventricular delay (AVD) modifications within a narrow range in different body positions and during exercise in ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Marcus Ståhlberg, Morten Damgaard, Peter Norsk, Anders Gabrielsen, Anders Sahlén, Cecilia Linde, Frieder Braunschweig

Date : 01/09/2009