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Exercise‐induced B‐lines identify worse functional and prognostic stage in heart failure patients with depressed left ventricular ejection fraction Aims Exercise stress echocardiography (ESE) is ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Scali, Maria Chiara, Cortigiani, Lauro, Simionuc, Anca, Gregori, Dario, Marzilli, Mario, Picano, Eugenio

Date : 01/11/2017 Item size : 49408 bytes

Impact of anemia on long-term clinical outcomes in heart failure patients | Introduction: Background: Heart failure (HF) is a clinical syndrome which, epidemiologically, is in a continuous growth ...

Date : 21/04/2018 Item size : 24353 bytes

Download PDF Dan Darabantiu1, Radu Lala1, Adina Pop Moldovan1, Luminita Pilat1, Maria Puschita1, Ruxandra Christodorescu2 1 Department of Cardiology, County Hospital, Western University Vasile Goldis ...

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Percutaneously reducing secondary mitral regurgitation appears futile when tested in all heart failure patients, according to late breaking research presented today in a Hot Line Session at ESC ...

Date : 27/08/2018

The guidelines, developed under the leadership of Professor Piotr Ponikowski (Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw, Poland), highlight the gaps in the evidence base for these patients with ...

Date : 06/12/2017

A nurse-led algorithm to treat hypertention in heart failure patients

Date : 25/08/2018

The dilemma of ensuring continuity of optimal care for heart failure patients.

Date : 27/05/2018

Read the article Risk of stroke and bleeding in patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease: a nationwide cohort study. Read the article January The interaction of sex, height, and QRS ...

Date : 22/03/2018

The CXCR2 expression and the CXCR2+ immune cells were time-dependently increased in Ang II-infused hearts. [...]administration of CXCL1 neutralizing antibody markedly prevented Ang II-induced ...

European Heart Journal, Wang, Lei, Zhang, Yun-Long, Lin, Qiu-Yue, Liu, Yu, Guan, Xu-Min, Ma, Xiao-Lei, Cao, Hua-Jun, Liu, Ying, Bai, Jie, Xia, Yun-Long, Du, Jie, Li, Hui-Hua

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[...]it was through retinal vessel examination that it was found that in hypertensive patients retinal arteriolar diameters undergo a narrowing process whose magnitude is related to the severity of ...

European Heart Journal, Grassi, Guido, Mancia, Giuseppe

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